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In addition to the reconnaissance operations, the 460th TFW’s base flight operated in-theater transport service for Seventh Air Force and other senior commanders throughout South Vietnam. The base flight operated T-39A Saberliners, VC-123B Providers (also known as the White Whale ), and Cessna U-3Bs between 1967-1971. Ampliphase. Ampliphase is the brand name of an amplitude modulation system achieved by summing phase modulated carriers. It was originally marketed by RCA for AM broadcast transmitters. [Read More]

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Therefore, access to problem collections such as the Netlib linear programs and the Maros and Meszaros convex quadratic programs is possible. Moreover, the collection covers the Argonne test set, the Hock and Schittkowski collection, the Dembo network problems, the Gould QPs, and others. As observed by the Austin Music Awards organization, ‘if someone ever starts a Hall of Fame for blue-eyed soul artist, Roy Head and the Traits should be the first name chiseled in granite. [Read More]

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Lindqvist’s patent covered the burner, which was turned upward on the stove instead of outward as on the blowtorch. The same year, Lindqvist partnered with and established J.V. Svenson’s Kerosene Stove Factory for manufacturing the new stoves which were sold under the name Primus. Neither originated on the South Coast, where the series is based - unlike the shots of the train interior. The area where the main exterior filming took place was also used for the new shots for the end credits (necessitated as the end credits for the previous two series had been filmed in black and white). [Read More]

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West Indies won the match by 4 wickets, thus becoming the first team to win the ICC World Twenty20 twice. Prior to the tournament, there were concerns that some of the West Indies players may withdraw from the tournament with a dispute over pay, with a possibility of a second-string team being sent. The results of a viral load test help determine when a CD4 count is indicated. CD4 cells are the primary target of HIV. [Read More]

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The volcanic material was rich in silica. Living in the lake at the time were diatoms, whose shells were also composed of silica. The influx of more silica caused the diatoms to bloom in the lake. As the population of the diatoms massively increased, the stress from the volcanic episodes at the same time caused large die-offs of the local biota. Other chemokines are inflammatory and are released from a wide variety of cells in response to bacterial infection, viruses and agents that cause physical damage such as silica or the urate crystals that occur in gout. [Read More]

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The Neolithic was not general over the Aegean until 6500 BC; however, the Neolithic of Cyprus dates to the 9th millennium. If the Knossians were from Cyprus, accessible from anywhere in the Middle East or to any possible maritime peoples from anywhere in the Mediterranean, their ultimate origin might very well never be discovered. Robert Shaw stepped up to take the position of CEO. Kleiner Perkins and In-Q-Tel, the US Central Intelligence Agency’s venture-capital arm, became investors via second and third rounds in 2002. [Read More]

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After doing the weather and morning anchoring at KATU for a few years, he was moved to evening anchor in 1985. He was teamed with Julie Emry, and the pair co-anchored KATU’s evening newscasts for several years in the late 1980s and 1990s. Batteries at the mouth of the goulet, at Camaret and Bertheaume, were also built. The interventions of Vauban were the last major stage in the castle’s evolution. [Read More]

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For example, a partial paradigm of ( take ) is as follows: Verbs that have one or more prefixes, called compound verbs, always take conjunct endings. In this case, stress generally falls on the syllable after the first prefix. Transcend has worked with Trend Micro to launch USB flash drives with preloaded anti-virus software exclusively in India. Transcend’s Jetflash 160 won the flash drive test conducted by German magazine ComputerBild. [Read More]

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In his hotel room, three distinct personalities emerge and argue with each other over the nature of reality and how to best spend the remaining time. The first personality, a bitter man who blames his failed life on the system, wants to explore his forgotten past. HSI Australia publicly criticizes Japanese whaling and the Western Australian shark cull. The organisation is a member of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance. HSI Australia’s initial legal action against Japan’s scientific whaling led to an International Court of Justice (ICJ) case, which ruled in March 2014 that Japan’s plan lacked scientific merit. [Read More]