Live Match India Vs West Indies 2nd Test

West Indies won the match by 4 wickets, thus becoming the first team to win the ICC World Twenty20 twice. Prior to the tournament, there were concerns that some of the West Indies players may withdraw from the tournament with a dispute over pay, with a possibility of a second-string team being sent.

The results of a viral load test help determine when a CD4 count is indicated. CD4 cells are the primary target of HIV. A CD4 test quantifies Helper T cells and is often combined with viral load testing to monitor the progression of HIV.

At the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Kessler had a total of nine cashes, setting the record for most cashes in that year’s series. This included his biggest career cash of $276,485 when he finished 2nd to Frank Kassela in the $10K Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 Championship.

Its having a Government hospital, around 20 temples including Lakhota Balaji, one Jain Mandir and a Mosque too. The people of this village live in brotherhood and help each other. It includes majority of Hindu people but also includes Jain and Muslim religions.

After a peace treaty was signed with Tippu Sultan, Lt. James Hunter, with the assistance of Lt C Gold made sketches of life in India and objects and buildings who attracted their attention. These sketches was published by C Gold with the title Oriental Drawings and attracted much attention in England as they were considered as valuable addition to British understanding of Indian culture. Lt.

2016–17 Ukrainian Second League. The 2016–17 Ukrainian Second League is the 26th season of 3rd level professional football in Ukraine. The competition commenced on 23 July 2016 with one match from Round 1.

Additional studies for provisional light rail lines between Ballard and the University District (via Fremont), West Seattle and Burien, and suburban extensions to Kirkland and North Everett. After the release of the draft plan, the long timelines were criticized from politicians and political groups that would receive service in the 2030s and 2040s.