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For example, a partial paradigm of ( take ) is as follows: Verbs that have one or more prefixes, called compound verbs, always take conjunct endings. In this case, stress generally falls on the syllable after the first prefix.

Transcend has worked with Trend Micro to launch USB flash drives with preloaded anti-virus software exclusively in India. Transcend’s Jetflash 160 won the flash drive test conducted by German magazine ComputerBild.

It has a native resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. The screen is LED-backlit. An external display can be used through the standard VGA connector. The 84-key keyboard is a full-size keyboard, with standard 18.5mm key pitch between keys.

The Panasonic electronic viewfinder is the solution to that packaging issue. With an electronic viewfinder, in addition to providing a clear brighter than DSLR view, the user can also select between a variety of image aspect ratios (4:3; 3:2; 16:9 and 1:1) with a 100% image area through the lens in live view, something impossible with the traditional DSLR optical viewfinder.

This project is part of the Sharda Sahayak Pariyojana (SSP) and primarily depends on water diverted from the Karnali (Ghaghra) at Girjapur through the Sharda Sahayak link canal of 28.4 km length for over eight months in the year during the lean season; but it indents on Sharda supplies during the monsoon between July and October when the Karnali carries a lot of silt.

Note: While some of the internal components may be interchangeable, GM units (transmissions from Holden and Cadillac cars) are not interchangeable with those from BMW cars. The Bentley BMW 5-series E34 Service manual declares the oil capacity of the 2605 and 2606 transmissions to be 1.25 litres.