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USS Josephine H. II (SP-245) For similarly named ships, see USS Josephine. USS Josephine H. II (SP-245) was a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1918. Josephine H. II was built as a civilian motorboat of the same name in 1912 by the Bosserdet Yacht and Engine Company. The U.S. The YIG negative index metamaterial is a composite which actually utilizes ferrite material. As a metamaterial, the ferrite produces a resonant, (real) magnetic permeability μ’ that is large enough to be comparable to the conventional ferrite phase shifter. [Read More]

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Two candidates were nominated with a majority of the first round vote. The final nomination was determined by IRV. In part to increase awareness of the voting method and to demonstrate it in a real-world situation, the Independence Party of Minnesota tested IRV by using it in a straw poll during the 2004 Minnesota caucuses. In 1691 the ‘House of Fergushill’ itself had seven hearths listed in the Hearth Tax records and eighteen other properties within the barony. [Read More]

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Martin Luther King, Jr. The collection was obtained in 2006 when Dr. King’s estate decided to sell a number of his letters and papers at auction. Before the auction took place, however, Mayor Franklin launched a bid to purchase them for $32 million, with Morehouse College owning the collection and the Center having the rights to display it. The exhibit tells Dr. The last record of Fortún Galíndez ( Furtunio Galindonis ) is in two charters (13 and 30 November 972) belonging to the monastery of Santa María la Real de Nájera. [Read More]

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Credit tenant lease. A credit tenant lease is a method of financing real estate. The landlord borrows money to finance the property and pledges as security the rents to be received from the tenant. Usually, the financing is structured as nonrecourse debt, and the lease is structured as a triple net lease. Malibu Express. Malibu Express is a 1985 American action/adventure film starring Darby Hinton, Sybil Danning, Lori Sutton, and Art Metrano. [Read More]

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Angie (Britt Robertson) takes over the diner, and asks Big Jim to put her name on the diner’s deed. Big Jim promises to think about it. Junior pays a visit to Angie at the diner and she goes into a seizure, repeating the phrase, The pink stars are falling. The two bridges connect Linn to the south with Benton county in the north as they pass across the Willamette River. [Read More]

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Italians Do It Better will release the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River on March 30. The soundtrack will feature music from the score, as well as songs from the film by Glass Candy, Chromatics, and Desire, plus songs sung by Saoirse Ronan and Ben Mendelsohn, who star in the film. It can also be hired for wedding receptions and corporate events. Also, since renovation work began at Marischal College, Elphinstone Hall is the venue for all university graduation ceremonies. [Read More]

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The title character was originally called Jonas Marple, but Gilbert changed the name to one less closely identifiable with George Eliot’s Silas Marner first to Abel Druce and then to Dan’l Druce. He also changed the character’s occupation from weaver to blacksmith, and altered Eliot’s story to make Druce the true father of the child who is left at his house in place of his stolen gold. More recently, the diner was closed in July 2012, due to the tough economic climate. [Read More]

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In 1962, Kleist founded the Wehrkundetagung in Munich, the predecessor of the modern Munich Conference on Security Policy. He was the convenor of this conference until he retired in 1998. This forum was an important event during the Cold War years and is today a forum for diplomats, politicians and defence personnel from around the world to debate international security issues. The series’ only guest commentator was the TV presenter, singer, Super GT driver and amateur drifter Hiromi Kozono (ヒロミ; real kanji name 小園 浩巳) who guest commentated at the 2005 Odaiba Allstar event. [Read More]

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He continued at the Finsbury Chapel as its Independent Minister (Congregationalist), for the rest of his life where he was then succeeded by Alexander McAuslane. Alexander Fletcher’s move to the Albion Chapel and founding of Finsbury Chapel, followed his displacement by the Presbytery. We are the boys from old Florida, F-L-O-R-I-D-A. Where the girls are the fairest, The boys are the squarest … Of any old state down our way. [Read More]

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Some parts of the medieval city wall, with four city gates, have survived to the present day. Warnemünde is the seaside part of Rostock and a major attraction of the city. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the maritime flair of old houses, a large beach, a lighthouse and the old fisherman port. Originally, his wealth comes from all the land around Pine Valley and the One Life to Live city Llanview, which he inherits from his parents. [Read More]

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Source (p.119) On 16 July 2013 it was reported that Queensland Motorways Holding Pty Ltd (QMH) had acquired a 50-year lease to toll, operate and maintain Legacy Way from Brisbane City Council. The following July, Queensland Motorways was acquired by a Transurban consortium. Jones often visited his grandmother’s house in the Studewood area of Houston. He credits her with giving him the ideas to pursue rap, to use his real name, and to write songs for strippers. [Read More]

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One of the Four Immortals also reemerges in the fighting between Sơn Tinh and Thủy Tinh the god of the mountain and the god of the Water. Historical legend occurs in the story of the Thuận Thiên Heaven’s Will magical sword of King Lê Lợi. Warren Holmes, the man who had taken Adams’ confession under a lie detector, mentioned the case to his friend Gene Miller. Holmes told Miller that he believed Pitts and Lee were innocent. [Read More]

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In 1988, Watsco revenues reached US$22 million. The real key to Watsco’s growth, and the foundation that would be built upon thereafter, came in 1989 when Watsco invested in an air conditioning distribution business. O’Keefe she’s a happy house, O’Keefe she’s as good as mouse, O’Keefe why don’t you come, And spend some time at. O. KEEFE. O. KEEFE. O. KEEFE. Who are we? O’KEEFE HOUSE. And how did we sleep last night? [Read More]

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The grant is useful where it has not been possible to grant probate in solemn form; for example, because there is a dispute over the validity of the will. Unlike an ordinary executor or administrator, someone with a grant ad colligenda cannot make any distribution of the estate’s assets. The film is about misunderstandings between a grandfather and his five grandchildren and how Ravi (Jeetendra), tutor to the grandchildren succeeds in reforming them and marrying Rama (Jaya Bhaduri), eldest of them. [Read More]

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Wonder Woman then snaps his neck. Upon his recovery, Batman rejects Diana’s attempt to explain her actions; Superman is no better able to understand her motivations. At a crucial time, a profound rift opens up between the three central heroes of the DC universe. Within the heart of the refuge is Izembek Lagoon, a long and wide coastal ecosystem that contains one of the world’s largest eelgrass (Zostera marina) beds. [Read More]

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Wylie explained in 1985, I try to study and evaluate all the new musical trends as they arise—twelve-tone, electronic, aleatory, computer, tonal modifications, microtones—whatever. Then I may use, at least to a limited extent, what in all of these trends I find to be aesthetically sound and creatively honest. It Ain’t for You. It Ain’t for You, The Badlees debut EP, was recorded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Hoboken, New Jersey, and mixed by Bret Alexander back at Susquehanna Sound in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. [Read More]

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In addition, it has gas development activities in the Marcellus Shale, the Utica Shale, the Haynesville Shale, the Barnett Shale, and the Fayetteville Shale, conducted by its subsidiary XTO Energy. As of December 31, 2014, ExxonMobil held in the United States, of which were offshore, including in the Gulf of Mexico. First, the Hance Rapids (lower) member consists of purple to reddish-purple mudstone, interbedded sandy siltstone, and rare occurrences of thin-bedded subarkose- to quartz arenite. [Read More]

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Other non-ecclesiastical commissions included converting the former gatehouse of Furness Abbey into the Furness Abbey Hotel, designing the North Western Hotel in Morecambe, a new charity school for girls in Lancaster now known as Windermere House, additional buildings for Lancaster Royal Grammar School, new militia barracks in Lancaster, and alterations to the Grand Theatre in Lancaster. Forbes co-founded the Harvard River Associates in 1902 with Robert Bacon, James Abercrombie Burden, Jr. [Read More]

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After training in Indonesian language they were warned to vote in favour of Indonesian integration with the group unanimously voting for integration with Indonesia. A subsequent UN General Assembly resolution confirmed the transfer of sovereignty to Indonesia. This was enough to convince the producers that he could dance, and he copied the other dancers’ moves while waiting to go on. He did not find it odd to play a woman, nor was he embarrassed. [Read More]

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He later captained the US polo team. In 2006, Salahi started his reality-television career by being featured on the CW Network Where the Elite Meet. He then was a cast member of the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of D.C.. The regiment left Ohio for Washington, D.C., May 19 and was attached to 1st Brigade, DeRussy’s Division, XXII Corps, to July 1864. 2nd Brigade, DeRussy’s Division, XXII Corps, to August 1864. [Read More]

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1973–74 Segunda División. The 1973–74 Segunda División season saw 20 teams participate in the second flight Spanish league. Real Betis, Hércules CF and UD Salamanca were promoted to Primera División. CA Osasuna, Deportivo de La Coruña, Levante UD and Linares were relegated to Tercera División. Manuel Palancar Belloso. Manuel ‘Manu’ Palancar Belloso (born 1 January 1990) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Coria CF as a defender. Born in Seville, Andalusia, Palancar graduated from local Real Betis’ youth system, making his senior debuts with the C-team in the 2009–10 season, also appearing with the reserves in Segunda División B. [Read More]

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The study said that Ohio was 50th in terms of the per capita dollar amount that veterans in the state received in compensation from the VA. Shortly after, Gov. Ted Strickland convened a study commission of veterans organizations that unanimously recommended the formation of the department. It was not until 1993 that it was established as a limited liability company. In 2007 it was reworked into a public shareholding company under the name Ezdan Real Estate Company. [Read More]

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The Kinsley House is set on the east side of Main Road, in the Hampden Highlands village south of Hampden village. It is a 2-1⁄2 story wood frame structure, with a side gable roof, two interior chimneys, and chapboard siding. UTEP’s fight song, Miners Fight was also borrowed from the Austin campus. With the estate of Marty Robbins, the UTEP Music Department in the late 1980s wrote new words to the melody of his Emmy Award-winning Country & Western hit El Paso. [Read More]

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However, gene sequences can be used to reconstruct the bacterial phylogeny, and these studies indicate that bacteria diverged first from the archaeal/eukaryotic lineage. Bacteria were also involved in the second great evolutionary divergence, that of the archaea and eukaryotes. The subscript and superscript numbers attached to words in the definition refer to subsenses (subscripts) and homophonous entries (superscripts) for a word as given in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English —thus, device refers to the first entry for device in this dictionary, first subsense. [Read More]

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Dave Moody and David Johnson performed Smith’s classic banjo instrumental, Dueling Banjos. The service ended with a rendition of Guitar Boogie performed by a band full of guitarists, including Smith’s nephews Tim and Roddy Smith. Jaworski and Reynoso, with other Meralco players, Fort Acuña (who committed suicide in 1981), Francis Arnaiz and Orlando Bauzon were taken by the Silverio-owned company Komatsu Comets (later became Toyota) and was responsible for giving a couple of championships in the MICAA. [Read More]

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Jan Mendoses. Jan Mendoses was a European pirate or merchant who lived during the 17th century. It is possible that Jan Mendoses’ real name was Juan [de] Mendoza. There is considerable doubt about his nationality, some sources claiming he was a Belgian named Mandaus, others that he was Spanish. Agüero was an unused substitute in City’s 3–2 defeat to Real Madrid on 18 September 2012. Following the match, Agüero said he would have joined Real Madrid had they made an offer for him in 2011 but was left with no option but to join City. [Read More]