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Two candidates were nominated with a majority of the first round vote. The final nomination was determined by IRV. In part to increase awareness of the voting method and to demonstrate it in a real-world situation, the Independence Party of Minnesota tested IRV by using it in a straw poll during the 2004 Minnesota caucuses.

In 1691 the ‘House of Fergushill’ itself had seven hearths listed in the Hearth Tax records and eighteen other properties within the barony. In 1697 John Crawfurd, son of Alexander Crawfurd of Fergushill, purchased the estate of Kersland near Kilbirnie and took the name and title of John Ker of Kersland; he died in 1723 after an eventful life and the loss of his estates.

Among its notable schoolmasters was children’s book author George Mills, who taught during the summer of 1956. The school was located on its own 15-acre premises in Seaford throughout its existence, apart from a short period during the Second World War when at the height of the German bombing raids on British towns in 1941, the school was temporarily evacuated to Salperton Park, Gloucestershire.

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The film was more recently broadcast on BBC Four. In 1981, Larkin was part of a group of poets who surprised John Betjeman on his seventy-fifth birthday by turning up on his doorstep with gifts and greetings.

The band is no relation to the Dutch band Road active at the same time with Never Leave Me Lonely 1971. Road was formed in 1970, after Redding left Fat Mattress and Richards left Rare Earth. The band recorded their self-titled album at the Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles, California in 1972, the album was released later in the year before the group disbanded.