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One officer explained We were feeling exuberant and flew the lot. She then went on to Auckland, New Zealand, where she was in refit for six weeks, having steamed 150,000 miles since commissioning some 18 months beforehand. The maternal protein, Dorsal, functions like a graded morphogen to set the ventral side of the embryo (the name comes from mutations which led to a dorsalized phenotype). Dorsal is like bicoid in that it is a nuclear protein; however, unlike bicoid, dorsal is uniformly distributed throughout the embryo. [Read More]

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The name Moses Gate comes from the joining of two words, one a corruption of the word mosses meaning peaty or marshy lands, and gate is from the Old English gata meaning a way across, so we have the way though the mosses (also as in Kearsley Moss, Clifton Moss, Linnyshaw Moss, etc.). They also finished with a 39–2 home record, tied for second best in NBA history. Anfernee Hardaway was selected to play in the 1995 NBA All-Star Game along with O’Neal. [Read More]

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PDF’s presence included more than 50 delegates, a course discussing patient engagement in Parkinson’s research, an exhibit, a display of the Parkinson’s Quilt, and a number of PDF-led posters and sessions. A structure within Arthur’s Baye initially featured a pirate diving and acrobatics show, which has changed now to have a more generic theme; it is currently branded Kinet–X. Food in the section was originally themed to the era, with a large indoor pub and rib stand. [Read More]

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Her Ayatal name is Ciwas Ali and May Chin remains her stage name. Chin also published at least 8 Mandopop albums and showed up in various local commercials. Besides acting, in mid-1990s May Chin ran a wedding photography service shop in Taipei. Bill Malarky. William Bill Mackay Malarkey (born 18 June 1951) is a Manx politician, who was elected Liberal Vannin MHK for Douglas South but later defected from the party and sat as an independent. [Read More]

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A suicide note stated he was worried about his failing health and the possibility of becoming an invalid. He did not want to become a burden to anyone, so he chose to take his own life. The death of the 69-year-old actor was ruled a suicide. Pedro II and the monarchy. They did not desire a restoration, but believed that the Brazilian Republic might learn from the fallen regime. [Read More]

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Henceforth, all suspension issues were solved. The springs are good not just for city driving, but also at high speed manners. Now, with the steering gaining some weight at high speeds and the better suspensions, the vertical movement of the car has considerably gone down. Muslim conquest of the Indian subcontinent began during the early 8th century AD. According to a 1900 translation of Persian text Chachnamah by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg, the Umayyad governor of Damascus, Hajjaj responded to a plea by men and women attacked and imprisoned by a tribe off the coast of Debal (Karachi), who had gone there to purchase some Indian female slaves and rich goods. [Read More]