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Her Ayatal name is Ciwas Ali and May Chin remains her stage name. Chin also published at least 8 Mandopop albums and showed up in various local commercials. Besides acting, in mid-1990s May Chin ran a wedding photography service shop in Taipei.

Bill Malarky. William Bill Mackay Malarkey (born 18 June 1951) is a Manx politician, who was elected Liberal Vannin MHK for Douglas South but later defected from the party and sat as an independent. In the 2011 general election he lost his seat to Liberal Vannin candidate Kate Beecroft.

The album was recorded live in studio, so audience applause can be heard between the tracks. The two discs come in different cases, and has different album art for them. The album was also issued as a single disc.

Khirbet Sharta was the first site in the region scientifically excavated that produced a jar handle with a LMLK seal impression, previously thought to have been limited to southern Israel. Similar specimens have been recovered from three other northern sites, the most important being Nahal Tut.

The Kilbrandon Commission went on to make the point that, if Parliament can legislate for the Isle of Man at all, about which there was no doubt, then surely this power knows no bounds - if Parliament can legislate, it can legislate in whatever area it chooses; this is, after all, implicit in the notion of the sovereignty of Parliament.

Houghton had his most successful season to date in 2016. He starred in Hull’s Challenge Cup winning team when he made a try saving tackle in the dying minutes of the game. Hull beat Warrington Wolves by a narrow score of 12-10, meaning that Hull won the competition at Wembley Stadium for the first time in their history, despite previously winning the competition on 3 different occasions.