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PDF’s presence included more than 50 delegates, a course discussing patient engagement in Parkinson’s research, an exhibit, a display of the Parkinson’s Quilt, and a number of PDF-led posters and sessions.

A structure within Arthur’s Baye initially featured a pirate diving and acrobatics show, which has changed now to have a more generic theme; it is currently branded Kinet–X. Food in the section was originally themed to the era, with a large indoor pub and rib stand.

Corus Hotels. Corus Hotels is a group of 8 hotels based in the UK, with 2 hotels in Malaysia. The hotels are owned by London Vista Hotel Limited, which is part of Malayan United Industries. The brand name was launched in 1998 by the Regal Hotel Group, in order to differentiate it from Regal Hotels International.

Chuimsae. Chuimsae (hangul: 추임새) is exclamation during Korean traditional music. The audience makes exclamations like Eolsigu! or Jalhanda! (hangul: 얼씨구, 잘한다), which mean Yippee! and Good! in Korean. The word chuimsae originates in the word dance (hangul:추다, 추어주다) in Korean.

One concern with the use of apixaban and the other newer anticoagulants is the absence of well-established protocol for reversal of their activity (no antidote is available). This is an important disadvantage relative to warfarin when bleeding complications occur or when people taking the drugs require emergency surgery.

The name Specification by Example was coined by Martin Fowler in 2004. Specification by Example is an evolution of the Customer Test practice of Extreme Programming proposed in 1999 and Ubiquitous Language idea from Domain-driven design from 2004, using the idea of black-box tests as requirements described by Weinberg and Gause in 1989.