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Later, he built tricycles for the Good Humor Ice Cream Company with an ice cream cooler on the front. Worksman still builds cycles and carts for various types of food vendors ranging from the ubiquitous New York City pizza delivery bike, to ice cream trikes, to hot dog carts and large-scale custom-fitted food trucks. This was not about streamlining for speed, as the fairings reduced top speed by, although the Vincent was already powerful enough for riders of the day - it was instead about the idea that the rider could travel to work in a suit rather than full motorcycle kit. [Read More]

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Anyway, a single like ‘Playing with Fire’ shows why they’ve risen from the pirates to the Radio1 A-list. With its catchy call-and-response chorus and easily relatable lyrics - Dappy plays the no-good-cheating-sod, Tulisa the smart cookie who calls him out - it’s another contemporary pop cracker from the trio. Porroglossum. Porroglossum (from Greek far off and tongue, referring to the position of the lip) is a genus of orchids native to the Andes of South America. [Read More]

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Each episode follows the Count in his daily business and causing confusion in almost every situation. First broadcast on 23 December 2005, Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! has had seven series and two radio specials. Two Aboriginal prospectors tried their luck in an abandoned shaft located just within the stations gates in 1933. The pair found a formation about in length and bearing over to the ton of gold. [Read More]

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Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo. Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo is a television series that originally aired on STAR Plus channel, and later was syndicated on Disney Channel India. The story revolves around the life of a ghost of a road side vendor, who has to perform a certain number of good deeds to go on to heaven, and his upmarket friends who he refers to as babua log. The Carthaginian senate stated that it was the Saguntines that began the war, and that the Romans had no grounds on which to accuse the Carthaginians. [Read More]

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After his slight accident he remained in good condition. There were no bad thoughts in his mind about the incident until he overheard his mom speaking about her concern for Billy. She expressed her worries if he would become forgetful later in life because of the fall Billy suffered from. Farmer toured Europe in 1965–66, then returned to the US and led a small group with Jimmy Heath. His stylistic development continued during this period of his career, in part because he absorbed, understood, and had the technical and artistic gifts to put to personal use the [John] Coltrane innovations of the ‘Giant Steps’ period of the early 1960s. [Read More]

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The computers in these systems are typically either hand-held in a control paddle or supplied through an adjacent laptop computer which is also used to capture images from an electronic camera. The electronics of modern telescope systems often include a port for autoguiding. He currently lives in Ashburn, Virginia, with his wife, Theresa, and their two daughters Madden and Ava. Jason has a second home in Ocean City, MD where he enjoys body surfing, watching Red Sox highlights, and angling. [Read More]

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In the Kingdom Hearts video game, Ursula appears as one of Maleficent’s co-conspirators, using the power of the Heartless to attack Atlantica and gain power. In this version of events, the official walkthrough states that Ursula was King Triton’s fortuneteller before she was banished. Video games have to split their very limited computing time between several tasks. Despite this resource limit, and the use of relatively primitive collision detection algorithms, programmers have been able to create believable, if inexact, systems for use in games. [Read More]

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He then went by the name Shiva and was the leader of his biker gang. Shiva had given up on racing after he was involved in an accident that killed his girlfriend Grace Deiva Pushpam (who was the strange girl whose photos and possessions Ammu had earlier discovered in Prasad’s room). When he was ten he picked up the guitar to compose his own songs, learning his first chords by watching David Byrne play in the Jonathan Demme /Talking Heads concert film, Stop Making Sense. [Read More]

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The vain tone of the song is set by the lyrics Leave his hair alone, but you can kiss his comb. The lyrics Disco boy, do the bump every night, ‘til the disco girl who’s really right, gonna fall for your line, and feed you a box full of chicken delight. indicate that the disco boy isn’t looking for love, but just a one-night stand. In consequence, the Senate would lose its status and vigour as the source of wisdom for the House of Representatives, but would merely be an echo of the people from the same group. [Read More]

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Ida Nyrop Ludvigsen. Ida Nyrop Ludvigsen (1927–1973), Danish translator and official, was born and raised in Gentofte, Denmark as the first of two children. Her parents, mag.art Karen Nyrop and mag.art Anders Carl Christensen, were both engaged to teach French language for listeners at the Danish State Broadcast when it started around 1926. Former Senate pro Tempore Jim Mills in his book A Disorderly House insists it was given to him by then-Assemblyman Don Allen, though perhaps from the play. [Read More]

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Selkirk grew up because of its woollen industry, although now that industry has ceased, leaving little in its wake. The town is best known for bannocks, a dry fruit cake. It has a museum and an art gallery. It is generally made with spices, rice, and meat. The word biryani is an Urdu word derived from the Persian language, which was used as an official language in different parts of medieval India, by various Islamic dynasties. [Read More]

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The evening goes from bad to worse, with Steven punching Chip after the latter implies he slept with Robin. Steven is fired from his job when Chip sends out a video of Steven insulting his boss that was recorded on a hidden camera in his apartment. After recruiting a man named Stoney Moak to fill in for vocals temporarily for their shows, Ryan Noble from the Blast Bandits was chosen to pick up permanently where Nick had left off. [Read More]

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The 1994 Quo album Thirsty Work included a cover of the Jennifer Warnes song I’m Restless revealing an alternative and lighter sound to the band. Don’t Stop (1996), and Famous in the Last Century (2000) consisted almost entirely of cover versions, (with the only exception being the title track to the latter). Munford ran for re-election to the North Carolina House of Representatives in the 2004 General Assembly election. [Read More]

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Its broadest sense is polyphyletic. Since this discovery was made, the original. Conserved generic concept of Mycosphaerella s. lat. has been replaced with the concept that. The mycosphaerella-like morphology has evolved multiple times and that these taxa in fact. Life of the Party (1920 film) Life of the Party is a 1920 American comedy film starring Fatty Arbuckle. A copy is held by the Library of Congress. Attorney Algernon Leary (Fatty Arbuckle), pure milk candidate for mayor, attends a party for grown-ups dressed as children. [Read More]

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This is the best known, and most produced version. An updated version called the YFM-1A eliminated the side blisters and added externally mounted radiators and turbo-superchargers. Produced in 1940, the final version designated YFM-1B, was slightly larger, had slightly less powerful Allison engines and incorporated a tricycle landing gear. In the same year he married Rose Phipps, 20 years his junior, having divorced his first wife, Ruth David. He became a prominent member of the St. [Read More]

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Achilles tells Hector it is hopeless to expect that of him, declaring that my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you raw – such agonies you have caused me. Achilles then kills Hector and drags his corpse by its heels behind his chariot. It has an average length of and is part of a genus that contains four of the world’s ten smallest frog species. [Read More]

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Ravi Shankar is said to have declared If you don’t believe in God, look at Ravikiran. He won a scholarship from The Madras Music Academy. Soon after, he was presented in leading institutions such as Shanmukhananda Fine Arts, Bombay. Neil Strauss of the New York Times described the album as wonderful and satisfying in the short term but ultimately disposable. He did say, however that the highlight of the album is Spaceman. [Read More]

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After the invasion, the number of still existing houses was reduced to 55, and the population shrank to 330. In early November 1655, Swedish troops under General Burchard Müller von der Luhnen (who also commanded the Siege of Jasna Góra) demanded large amounts of bread, oats, meats, beer, butter and hay. He was born in Portland, Ontario, the son of Thomas Myers and Lavana Farnham. Myers graduated from teacher’s college and taught school for several years. [Read More]

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Shinchan and his parents take the parachute and they fall in a jungle, where there is nothing to eat and drink. Shinchan’s parents think that they would never ever be able to get out of the jungle and they would starve to death. He claims it was a dark shade of brown and green with a white coloured belly. He claimed the snake’s head was 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, and that the jaws were of a triangular shape. [Read More]

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The population genetic structure of the species suggests it generally disperses along waterways. The average natal dispersal of the purple-crowned fairy-wren is less than 3 km of river distance in quality habitat, but movements of up to 70 km of river distance have been recorded. During the latter part of the Korean War, Sebec carried fuel oil from Bahrain, Persian Gulf, to Okinawa and Japan. Sebec arrived at Long Beach, California, on Christmas Eve 1953, but began the new year getting underway for Pearl Harbor. [Read More]

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This led to Brody directing documentaries, first in Canada (working with First Nations in many parts of the country), as well as in the UK and Australia. These include the award winning Hunters And Bombers, a film that follows the Innu resistance to low level flying in Labrador from CFB Goose Bay. MU published 31 total issues of Wild Kingdom/Wild! 1992–2005. MU’s Aeon Publications imprint operated 1994–1998, publishing a wide variety of alternative titles. [Read More]

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His debut album, Olly Murs was released on 29 November 2010 with the single, Please Don’t Let Me Go, out on 29 August 2010 which debuted at No1. John & Edward, now known as Jedward, are identical twin brothers John and Edward Grimes (born 16 October 1991), from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. In February 2014, it was revealed that work had begun on his fourth studio album. He has been working with Wayne Hector, Claude Kelly, Steve Robson and Demi Lovato. [Read More]

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The next vignette focuses on Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch) as she tries to create the perfect sandwich using bizarre science. The action then shifts to the Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), who smells a stench in his ice castle. Once the mandrel is completely covered to the desired thickness, the resin is cured, often the mandrel is placed in an oven to achieve this, though sometimes radiant heaters are used with the mandrel still turning in the machine. [Read More]

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Von Huene even declined to use the generic name Erectopus for the first species, indicating it as Gen. indeterm. superbus, which however does not constitute a valid name. Subsequently, the Pierson collection was dispersed after the death of its owner and the holotype was long believed lost to science. The Texas Ninth Court of Appeals is located in the Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) operates the Beaumont District Parole Office in Beaumont. [Read More]

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List of heavy metal bands. This is a list of heavy metal artists from the first fourteen years of the movement. For bands that formed after 1981, please consult the lists for each heavy metal subgenre. In the late 1960s a number of bands began pushing the limits of blues rock into a new genre which would be called heavy metal. Subsequently, Impax Laboratories’s 300 mg extended-release tablets, marketed by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, were withdrawn from the US market after the FDA determined in 2012 that they were not bioequivalent. [Read More]

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The following week, on February 22, the song charted at number three, where it peaked; the song remained on the charts for a total of eight weeks. Remember the Time topped the New Zealand charts for two consecutive weeks, having first entered the chart at number three on February 23. Isotopes of oganesson. Oganesson (Og) is a synthetic element created in particle colliders, and thus a standard atomic mass cannot be given. [Read More]

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The port contains several exclusive Easter eggs and features some different character animations for victory poses and a support for the motion controller device Sega Activator. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) port was developed by Sculptured Software. Proposals that were eventually cancelled include the 95 km Sumatra–Malaysia bridge (would have been world’s longest), the Mega International Sea and Air port on reclaimed land in Kedah (would have been world’s biggest) and the KL Linear City (would have been the world’s longest mall and the world’s first city built over a river). [Read More]

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After a year with Pollack, while on tour in Los Angeles, Hurley left to become studio musician. Hurley was playing with Paul Whiteman when Glenn Miller sent for him to join the Miller band on its Glen Island Casino opening in May 1939, the year following fellow Fort Worthian Tex Beneke joining Miller’s band. The whole Cappelletti family is there, and Joey runs to John’s side. The film ends by revealing Joey succumbed to his leukemia and died with John by his side on April 8, 1976. [Read More]

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Primarily a browser, the springbok feeds on shrubs and succulents; this antelope can live without drinking water for years, meeting its requirements through eating succulent vegetation. Breeding takes place year-round, and peaks in the rainy season, when forage is most abundant. Sindhis of Balochi origins make up about 30% of the total Sindhi population (they however speak Sindhi Saraiki as their native tongue), while [Urdu language|Urdu]-speaking [Muhajirs (Pakistan)|Muhajirs] make up over 19% of the total population of the province while [Punjabi people|Punjabi] are 10% and [Pashtun people|Pashtun]s represent 7%. [Read More]

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If you study immortality, You should study celestial immortality: Only the Golden Elixir Is the highest principle. When the two things meet, Emotions and nature join one another; India also developed other vampiric legends. The Bhūta or Prét is the soul of a man who died an untimely death. It wanders around animating dead bodies at night, attacking the living much like a ghoul. In northern India, there is the BrahmarākŞhasa, a vampire-like creature with a head encircled by intestines and a skull from which it drank blood. [Read More]

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Kant believed that the moral law is a principle of reason itself, and is not based on contingent facts about the world, such as what would make us happy, but to act on the moral law which has no other motive than worthiness of being happy. BitchX has frequently been noted to be a popular IRC client for Unix-like systems. Development of BitchX was on hiatus for several years but is now resuming. [Read More]

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In the 16th century, the heavy cavalry (gendarmes, reiters and cuirassiers) often attacked in a line formation. Later, dragoons began to use linear tactics, being on foot in the defence. Accordingly, the name line cavalry has moved from heavy cavalry to the dragoons. The rivalry has been the subject of various books and articles, including To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever by Blythe and Blue Blood by Art Chansky. [Read More]

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The brass images ( utsav-murtis ) are paraded around town and placed at their respective pithas once every year. Like Vishnudharmottara Purana (discussed in Legends), the Matrikas are considered as representing a vice and are worshipped by pithapuja (a pilgrimage around the pithas ) to free oneself from them. She calls out to him, declaring that she won’t wait for him. Goemon looks back at Murasaki for a moment, then continues on his journey. [Read More]

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Quadro-Aero. Quadrotour-Aero was a Kyrgyzstan based airline operating a fleet of single Ilyushin IL-62, registration EX-62100. This particular aircraft was an original IL-62 series model, not the upgraded IL-62M or IL-62MK like the most, and at the time of airline operations one of only a handful of those still operational. Appearances: Series 2, Episode 3. One of the few characters based on a real person, the sketch involved a Mr. [Read More]

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Harper’s final season was 1982, when he played in eight games, rushed for seven yards on three carries, and caught one pass for eight yards. After his playing career ended, Harper continued to live in the Chicago area. Z. carinata are widely cultivated as ornamentals. They are able to survive colder temperatures than other species of Zephyranthes. Like other species of Zephyranthes, Z. carinata contain toxic alkaloids including pretazettine, carinatine, lycorine, galanthamine, and haemanthamine. [Read More]

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Colchicine is biosynthesized from the amino acids phenylalanine and tryptophan. Paclitaxel, in contrast, is a tubulin polymerization stabilizer and is used as a chemotherapeutic drug. Paclitaxel is based on the terpenoid natural product taxol, which is isolated from Taxus brevifolia (the pacific yew tree). Bill Condon. William Bill Condon (born October 22, 1955) is an American screenwriter and director. Condon is best known for directing and writing the critically acclaimed films Gods and Monsters, Chicago, Kinsey, Dreamgirls and the two final installments of the Twilight series, and. [Read More]

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He was employed by Universal Pictures from 1940 to 1957, starting off as a clerk but attaining promotion to executive level. His first book was Never Love a Stranger (1948). The Dream Merchants (1949) was a novel about the American film industry, from its beginning to the sound era. Furthermore, most people are unable to provide a dingo with what it needs, and dingoes may not react positively to domestication and training. [Read More]