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The 1994 Quo album Thirsty Work included a cover of the Jennifer Warnes song I’m Restless revealing an alternative and lighter sound to the band. Don’t Stop (1996), and Famous in the Last Century (2000) consisted almost entirely of cover versions, (with the only exception being the title track to the latter).

Munford ran for re-election to the North Carolina House of Representatives in the 2004 General Assembly election. He defeated J.H. Ross in the Republican primary, but lost to Democrat Grier Martin in the November 2004 general election.

Visconti decided to delegate its production to Gus Dudgeon. The album version of Space Oddity was recorded at Trident Studios on 20 June 1969 (with overdubs a few days later) and used the in-house session player Rick Wakeman (Mellotron), who was later to achieve fame with the progressive rock band Yes, as well as Mick Wayne (guitar), Herbie Flowers (bass), and Terry Cox (drums).

Aristotle starts by questioning the rule of thumb accepted in the more approximate early sections, whereby people think pleasure should be avoided—if not because it is bad simply, then because people tend too much towards pleasure seeking.

With a mid-western American accent, Molina starred alongside Betty White in the US television series Ladies Man, which ran from 1999–2001. He has worked twice with Paul Thomas Anderson, first in Boogie Nights (1997) and then Magnolia (1999).

With the releases of her second Mandarin album, Insight (體會), the compilation Kelly’s Best Collection 97, the live CD Starring Dream of Love Live in Concert, and her next Cantonese CD A Movie (一齣戲). Insight sold 1.34 million in East Asia.

Two huge ‘Kangla Sha’ made of brick used to stand in front of the Uttra but just beyond the flight of steps leading to the Uttra - on either side of the path leading to the Uttra. Mr. T.C. Hudson wrote in his book/The Meitheis’, this was the National Emblem of the Meiteis.

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