Portishead Cause Nobody Loves Me Like You Do Song

The following week, on February 22, the song charted at number three, where it peaked; the song remained on the charts for a total of eight weeks. Remember the Time topped the New Zealand charts for two consecutive weeks, having first entered the chart at number three on February 23.

Isotopes of oganesson. Oganesson (Og) is a synthetic element created in particle colliders, and thus a standard atomic mass cannot be given. Like all synthetic elements, it has no stable isotopes. The first (and so far only) isotope to be synthesized was Og in 2006; it has a half-life of 890 microseconds.

My search for you is a never-ending quest that is doomed to fail. You and I had talked about what would happen if we were forced apart by circumstance, but I cannot keep the promise I made to you that night.

Exceptionally for a Bengali-born diplomat, he rose to the most senior ranks of public service in Pakistan. Then at the time Bangladesh began seeking independence, he spectacularly defected and changed sides to support the fledgling country of Bangladesh – a major propaganda coup and morale boost for the cause of Bangladeshi liberation given his stature in Pakistan’s hierarchy.

Between 1550 and about 1690 people accused of witchcraft were at times brought to a weigh house in order to be subjected to a witch test to prove their innocence for payment (as nobody was deemed to be a witch after this test).

He leaves Debbie a message that he has left Sadie, asking her to ignore what others say and telling her that he loves her more than he shows. On her 18th birthday, Cain sends her a silver watch. In February 2009, Cain returns to support Debbie as she is on remand for murdering Shane Doyle (Paul McEwan).

It was predicted that by 2019, trains working the line would be completely full during peak hours. While the three tracks could cope with traffic generated by the reopening of the Portishead Line, campaigners note it would leave little room for growth.