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When he retired from the league following the 1993–94 NBA season, he had career totals of 17,623 points, 3,278 rebounds and 2,981 assists. Blackman was NBA’s all-time scoring leader among Hispanic/Latin players (born in Iberian, Latin American & Spanish-speaking countries) until March 6, 2015, when Pau Gasol overtook him. From his early days at Disney, Carl shared his enthusiasm for Colorado’s narrow gauge railroads with Ward Kimball and the Grizzly Flats Railroad, and brought the theme to numerous comic books he wrote, such as the Mickey Mouse story The Vanishing Railroad. [Read More]

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The Bears won 30–13, and were headed to the playoffs for the first time since 1979. See full article, 1984–85 NFL Playoffs. The first-round matchup sent the 10–6 Bears to Washington, a team that had lost to the Los Angeles Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII. More than 100 groups opposed to the Pope’s visit protested the financing of it with public money during a time of government budget cuts. [Read More]

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There exist also software components to emulate text mode, such as terminal emulators or command line consoles. In Microsoft Windows, the Win32 console usually opens in emulated, graphical window mode it can be switched to full screen, true text mode and vice versa by pressing the Alt and Enter keys together. In Northern Europe, a wreath made for the occasion is more commonly used rather than a bough. In Japan, the ridge raising is a religious ceremony called the jotoshiki. [Read More]

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And it is quite well constructed. So, you might say it was merely average. But can it really be that simple? Have Peugeot in fact, played a very clever game where, instead of dazzling us with technology or breathtaking styling, they have decided to woo us with understatement of the profoundest kind? Sabino Arana bore witness to the popular revolt as a Biscayne envoy to the protests. Arana, of a Carlist background, rejected the Spanish monarchy and founded Basque nationalism on the basis of Catholicism and fueros ( Lagi-Zaŕa, as he called them in Basque, Old Law ). [Read More]

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Likewise, the Jewish children had to go there for school. In 1843 there were 32 Jews living in Stipshausen. This number, though, was steadily shrinking. After the Jewish community in Hottenbach was dissolved in 1932, the 14 Jews left in Stipshausen went to synagogue in Rhaunen. That explains why the term roi de Thunes was applied. In the old times (medieval days) the Sopistas would use their musical talents to entertain people in exchange for a coin and a bowl of soup ( sopa, in Portuguese and Spanish, hence the name sopistas ). [Read More]

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Dymoke. The Dymoke family of the Manor of Scrivelsby in the parish of Horncastle in Lincolnshire holds the feudal hereditary office of King’s Champion. The functions of the Champion are to ride into Westminster Hall at the coronation banquet and challenge all comers who might impugn the King’s title. Sadly the company has failed to sustain its poorly living workers and has therefore resorted to leasing most of its properties to outsiders and the new-comers Great Zimbabwe University. [Read More]

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During the Commonwealth era, the National Assembly established an additional ten cities. Since achieving independence from the United States in 1946 the Philippine Congress has established 124 more cities (as of September 2007), the majority of which required the holding of a plebiscite within the proposed city’s jurisdiction to ratify the city’s charter. Tancredo Neves was a descendant of Amador Bueno, a noted paulista from the colonial Brazilian era. [Read More]

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Cayo Costa has bikes available for half-day and full-day rentals. There are 12 primitive cabins and 30 tent sites available for camping each with its own picnic table and fire pit/ground grill assigned to each site. In 2014, she was working four days a week for a landscaping business as a gardener. Her prosthetist recommended she take up sport and this led to a meeting with national wheelchair tennis coach Greg Crump in 2009. [Read More]