How To Say The Letters Of The Alphabet In Spanish

Likewise, the Jewish children had to go there for school. In 1843 there were 32 Jews living in Stipshausen. This number, though, was steadily shrinking. After the Jewish community in Hottenbach was dissolved in 1932, the 14 Jews left in Stipshausen went to synagogue in Rhaunen.

That explains why the term roi de Thunes was applied. In the old times (medieval days) the Sopistas would use their musical talents to entertain people in exchange for a coin and a bowl of soup ( sopa, in Portuguese and Spanish, hence the name sopistas ).

It is also amusing, exciting and wholesome, and is just the sort of story families should be encouraged to read. The decision still resulted in many angry letters to the local paper, the Gloucester Citizen.

It is currently unknown how the methane originated as the planet’s high temperature should cause the water and methane to react, replacing the atmosphere with carbon monoxide. While transiting the system also clearly exhibits the Rossiter–McLaughlin effect, the shifting in photospheric spectral lines caused by the planet occulting a part of the rotating stellar surface.

The chapter includes an interview with Bhanwari Devi, the social worker charged by the government to report child marriage in her area, and who claimed to be gang raped in retaliation. It also includes interviews with people who say that she was not raped.

It is spoken by nearly 6,000,000 people in Northern Thailand and several thousand in Laos of whom few are literate in Lanna script. The script is still read by older monks. Northern Thai has six linguistic tones and Thai only five, making transcription into the Thai alphabet problematic.