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The school has won 2 state drama championships under the direction of Jeff McCoy and another state title under the previous director, Rhonda Welsh, for a total of three state championships. The most recent state championship piece was an original musical, The Other Side Of The Story, which is about the villains in famous fairy tales and how they weren’t as evil as they seemed. It was modernized and the range again expanded, with a more powerful fuel injected available on top. [Read More]

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Surviving stamps are mainly in the hands of private collectors, but some are on public display in the British Library in London, including the envelope of an original invitation to the Governor’s ball complete with stamp. He’s also written children’s picture books such as Handel, Who Knew What He Liked, and novels directed toward pre-teen readers such as The Game of Sunken Places. Anderson tends to write with sophisticated wit and storylines, making the point that young people are more intelligent than some might think. [Read More]

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By acquiring eReader, Fictionwise nearly doubled in revenue. After the eReader acquisition, Fictionwise immediately began expanding platform coverage of the eReader eBook format to include the three most recent versions of the Symbian operating system, the newer Mac OS X operating system, and the iPhone and iPod touch platforms. I don’t want people to copy Matisse or Picasso, although it is entirely proper to admit their influence. I don’t make paintings like theirs. [Read More]

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When this series was confirmed by the BBC in September 2007, it was referred to as series 5, following on from series 4 in 2008. In August 2009 Doctor Who Magazine announced that this series was to be produced and marketed as Series One. In the case of Apache Pivot the designer can place the WTK-components and set their properties without writing a single line of Java code. In more complex projects there usually is one class file for each BXML file to hold the logic, though there are other possibilities. [Read More]