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While shopping for groceries, Judy the gorilla acquires a pet kitten. She brings it back to the office, only to turn her back for a moment and find that Yoshi has eaten it. A crossover with the popular Web comic Axe Cop, inked by both artists. In 1906 he became Minister of Grace and Justice under the premiership of Sidney Sonnino and in 1910 he was appointed by Luigi Luzzatti, Minister of Public Works. [Read More]

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Fujitsu used a 160 MHz version in a SPARCstation 5 upgrade kit, whereas the other companies used the 170 MHz version in workstation, notebook and embedded computers. The performance of the 170 MHz TurboSPARC was similar to that of a 120 MHz Intel Pentium, but when compared to a 110 MHz microSPARC-II, it had two times the integer performance and one and a half times the floating-point performance. [Read More]

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Like several of his other books, American Sphinx was a bestseller. Ellis suggested in the text that evidence for an affair between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings was inconclusive. Specifically, Ellis stated in the appendix to American Sphinx, Franz Krumm. Franz Krumm (* 16 October 1909; † 9 March 1943) was a German footballer. On 12 June 1932, the 22-year-old left winger scored one of the goals in the 2–0 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt (the other goalscorer being Oskar Rohr) in front of 58,000 spectators in the Frankenstadion in Nuremberg, helping Bayern Munich win the German football championship. [Read More]