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After touring with Skid Row the band did a European tour with Megadeth. The band also toured with White Zombie in 1992. The unique sound and the band’s explosive live performances helped them gain more popularity. Of conventional pod-and-boom design with skid landing gear, the aircraft had the slightly unusual feature of having its engine mounted in the nose, turning the main rotor by a long driveshaft that reached through the cabin. [Read More]

You Alone Know What Tomorrow Brings Lyrics Amazing

Oscar brings the money to the race track to meet Sykes, but becomes distracted by his dreams of grandeur. Upon hearing that the race is rigged, he places it all on a long-shot bet by the name of Lucky Day. As a vanguard of the official UN force and Operation Secure Tomorrow, a force of about 1,000 United States Marines arrived in Haïti within the day, and Canadian, French and Chilean troops arrived the next morning; the United Nations indicated it would send a team to assess the situation within days. [Read More]