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The third decision made with the objective achieving a safer racial ratio in the army was the [r]einforcement of the occupation corps’ troops by three white battalions: one Foreign Legion battalion, [and] two Colonial Infantry battalions. Other types of bees, such as with euglossine bees (i.e. Euglossa imperialis ) use traplining to forage efficiently by flying rapidly from one precise flowering plant to the next in a set circuit, even ignoring newly blooming plants which are adjacent, but outside, of its daily route. [Read More]

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The bridge is the only surviving road bridge of the swing span type in the country and the New Zealand Historic Places Trust lists the bridge as a Category 1 historic place, while it is also on the IPENZ Engineering Heritage Register. Atagotaaluk retired at the end of 2012. In June 2012, an electoral synod was held. David W. Parsons was elected to succeed as diocesan bishop and Darren McCartney as suffragan. [Read More]