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Despite posting an impressive 316⁄6, led by a century from Owais Shah, a poor bowling performance, combined with an excellent innings of 94 from Sachin Tendulkar, saw India reach their target with just two balls to spare. The initial two seasons of Texas Motor Speedway were riddled with multicar crashes that led to some speculation (reported on ESPN at the time) the track would lose its NASCAR dates. Smith’s ownership of so many speedways is also a target of criticism from fans who feel independent track owners should not be crowded out of the sport. [Read More]

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In 1968, Greenfeld signed the Writers and Editors War Tax Protest pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against the Vietnam War. Greenfeld attended Brooklyn College; he received a BA from the University of Michigan and an MA from Columbia University. Same dog (A) treated with double implant (B) three days after surgery: The dog became ambulatory three days after surgery. Four weeks after surgery, it had ataxia without conscious proprioceptive deficits, and three months after surgery, the dog was neurologically normal. [Read More]

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According to President Obama, as Chief Information Officer, Kundra will play a key role in making sure our government is running in the most secure, open, and efficient way possible. To further President Obama’s overall technology agenda, Vivek Kundra, Jeffrey Zients, the Chief Performance Officer, and Aneesh Chopra, the Chief Technology Officer, will work closely together. He also has cousins involved in football: Kevin Matthews, Jake Matthews, and Mike Matthews. [Read More]