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For the 14-day Gemini 7 mission, both Frank Borman and Jim Lovell wore modified G3C suits, but incorporating several changes: This configuration was designated the G5C suit. During the mission, Lovell was the first person to take his pressure suit off, which was achieved with great difficulty due to his size. Between 1981 and 2010 Zweisimmen had an average of 139.4 days of rain or snow per year and on average received of precipitation. [Read More]

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From the sixteenth novel to the end, they were written by Robert Leslie Bellem and W.T. Ballard. The authorship of the others is unknown, but is suspected to be Victor Rousseau Emanuel. A few of the stories have been reprinted by pulp small presses and fanzines. In Dead Reckoning (novel) Halleigh is pregnant with a girl who Andy reveals they are planning on naming Caroline Compton Bellefleur. Andy Bellefleur is portrayed by Chris Bauer in the True Blood series. [Read More]