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In the opening sequence of the second part, the opening subtitle reads It Makes a Nice Sandwich, and the third part’s opening subtitle is 0100100001101001, which is the binary representation of the ASCII encoding of the word Hi, and the fourth part’s opening subtitle is The Robots are Coming! SR 85 was the first freeway in California to open with metering lights at every onramp, including interchanges with SR 17 and US 101. [Read More]

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This was the first and to date only playoff series between these two teams. Montreal swept all four games in this year’s regular season series. This series also marked the first appearance of a team representing Vancouver in the Stanley Cup playoffs in 51 years. Due to the extremely negative feedback that the show received, the originally 13-episode first season was cut short to nine episodes, and the show went on a 5-month hiatus. [Read More]

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The local scenery is characterized by forest and water, which make up 75% of the municipal area. Five hiking trails and a fitness course ( Vitaparcours ) lead through the Kahl nature areas with their typical vegetation and sand flora. The A indicates international standing, B national, C local and R research inactive or active at a lower level. From 2006 two new categories, C(NE) and R(NE) were introduced, for new and emerging researchers who have not yet had the benefit of a full six year census period. [Read More]