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Some varieties are less susceptible, while others are more prone to the disease when the right environmental conditions occur. Through research, many lists of grapes varieties will show the amount of resistance a variety has to disease and how the variety should be grown. Akari Kanzaki, daughter of a former Cosmic Beauty, arrives at the University Satellite excited and ready to compete. After watching defending Cosmic Beauty Lahrri run faster than she ever has despite the artificial gravity being turned up, Akari realizes just how far she needs to go. [Read More]

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Réunion is considered to produce the highest quality vetiver oil called bourbon vetiver with the next favorable being Haiti and then Java. The United States, Europe, India, and Japan are the main consumers. Madame Hydra later assassinated the original Viper and took his name. She then reunited the Serpent Squad, urging the Eel to avenge his brother’s death. At this time, Princess Python joined the group. Cobra was not willing to serve Viper, and challenged her to a battle, but he was easily defeated. [Read More]

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Fortin, who had run for the leadership of the Bloc Québécois (BQ) in 2011, had left the BQ in August 2014 to sit as an independent MP citing disapproval of new BQ leader Mario Beaulieu. The party announced that it would run candidates outside of Quebec in the 2015 federal election under the name Strength in Democracy, and its first candidate, Toban Leckie, was announced in Peterborough—Kawartha. The group included notable producers Chucky Thompson, Deric D-Dot Angelettie, Steven Stevie J Jordan, Mario Winans and Nashiem Myrick. [Read More]