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‘Measurement- and control technology/pneumatics’: Famous for his Perpetuum Mobile, builds and navigates with a submarine. Builds an incubator for eggs and a portable stove/oven with an optimal use of fuel, able to keep the heat on a constant temperature by means of a regulator/thermostat. In 2006 the hatchback version was introduced, with only the aforementioned 1.8-liter engine. By the end of 2007, the 1.4-liter engine was replaced by the 1. [Read More]

How To Air Pop Popcorn On A Stove

Very good for ready to eat snack manufacture to replace Diesel/LPG cooking with pellets, this will save 30-50% in fuel cost to end user.Design, salient features and process of this stove is applied for patent and copy write act. A total of twenty teachers served students for sixty-eight years in the structure. Attendance peaked when Cora Hahn taught eighty-two students in 1917. A wood stove in the middle of the room heated the school in the winter, when the students brought in the wood to fuel it. [Read More]