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This is the fourth production by Nerd Corps Entertainment, following Storm Hawks, League of Super Evil, and Dragon Booster. One day driving out in the Salt Flats, expert driver Vert Wheeler comes across a dimension called a Battle Zone, where he meets a life form called a Sentient named Sage. New tokens are also present, including a new bat token. Basic Lands, which is present in most of the booster packs, is absent in both Modern Masters sets. [Read More]

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In 1899 he was elected to the Iowa State Senate, where he served from 1900 to 1902. In 1904, Lot Thomas, the Congressman representing Iowa’s 11th congressional district, declined to run for re-election, prompting Hubbard and many other Republicans in northwest Iowa to run for the seat. On January 16, 1994, Hunter Street Baptist Church dedicated a new 1600-seat worship center, as well as more Sunday School classroom space and a new music suite. [Read More]