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The calcareus operculum is thick and can be smooth or with a granular structure. The whorls are covered with strong spiral cords. Several subgenera have been proposed over the course of time, but various authors in the past could not agree on the placement of many species. Martin Wolf found that in 1945–71 (27 years) the world saw only 38 financial crises, whereas in 1973–97 (24 years) there were 139. [Read More]

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Joel Cheek, proprietor thereof, had served a special blend of coffee at the hotel’s restaurant, and after drinking a cup of this coffee, Roosevelt proclaimed it good to the last drop! Cheek subsequently sold the blend to General Foods and to this day, Maxwell House coffee is enjoyed by millions. The program aired its final episode, with Hume as host, on Election Eve, November 7, 2016. On Thursday and Friday to finish out the week, On the Record was hosted by two final guest hosts, Martha MacCallum and Ed Henry, with Friday, November 11, 2016 being the last On the Record. [Read More]

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Little is currently known about long-tailed pangolin reproduction. It is assumed that they mate throughout the year, with an average gestation period of roughly 140 days. Female pangolins give birth to a live, single offspring at a time. Bardolino DOC. Bardolino is an Italian red wine produced along the chain of morainic hills in the province of Verona to the east of Lake Garda. It takes its name from the town Bardolino on the shores of Lake Garda and was awarded Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) status in 1968. [Read More]

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He also wonders what Gerda thinks about an opera in Italian based on Gozzi’s play. Scores are available for download from the International Music Score Library Project. BV 248 original title: Orchesteruite aus der Musik zu Gozzi’s Märchendrama Turandot Suite from the Music to Gozzi’s Fairy Tale Drama Turandot Indo-Pak grocery store is located in an Indian-oriented strip shopping center east of Central Expressway. Of the suburbs in the DFW area, Richardson had one of the earliest Indian settlements. [Read More]