Agenda Building As A Comparative Political Process Doctrine

Comparative field trials have found that Primitivo selections were generally superior to those of Zinfandel, having earlier fruit maturity, similar or higher yield, and similar or lower bunch rot susceptibility. In these and similar works, Chamish charged that an array of external and internal forces had corrupted the country’s leaders and engaged in a determined agenda aimed at the demise of the Jewish state. Shapshal’s doctrine is still a topic of critical research and public debate. [Read More]

What Is The Delta Sigma Theta Intake Process

The Executive Council of Theta Tau is the elected officer body of the national fraternity. The following notable alumni of Theta Tau are also members of the Theta Tau Alumni Hall of Fame: Other notable alumni: The first effort at controlling pollution from automobiles was the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system. This draws crankcase fumes heavy in unburned hydrocarbons — a precursor to photochemical smog — into the engine’s intake tract so they are burned rather than released unburned from the crankcase into the atmosphere. [Read More]