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However, he is probably best remembered as a former USFL player. He played three seasons in the newly formed league, first for the Chicago Blitz in 1983, and then for the Arizona Wranglers in 1984. Due to the full-team trade that occurred during the first off-season between Chicago and Arizona, the 1984 Arizona team was basically the same team that had played in Chicago in 1983. A portion of the adobe wall of the old church remains today and still can be seen behind glass just left of the altar. [Read More]

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He was joined in the backfield that season by fellow rookie Payton, who was the Bears 1st round draft choice that season. Fellow rookie Bob Avellini, the Bears 6th round draft pick in 1975, also started several games at quarterback that season, giving the Bears an all rookie backfield. Thompson met with Browns owner Mickey McBride and agreed to a playoff – either one game in Yankee Stadium or a best-of-three series with games in Philadelphia, Cleveland and possibly New York. [Read More]

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Two discs were recorded at two live concerts, sponsored by national radio station, Triple J, on 13 and 14 November 2009 at the Forum Theatre. The concerts celebrated Kelly’s 30th year as a recording artist and were organised by Richard Kingsmill, musical director at Triple J. Mu-Tron III. The Mu-Tron III is an envelope filter made by Musitronics Corporation. The world’s first envelope-controlled filter was first made in 1972 by Mike Beigel and quickly became an essential effect for many funk musicians. [Read More]

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Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes. Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes (born 13 May 1952 in Casablanca, Morocco) is a former football goalkeeper from France, who earned eleven international caps for the French national team during the 1970s and was part of the French team in the 1978 FIFA World Cup. This arrangement continued until 1996, when falling rolls led to a return to the school becoming a full secondary accepting pupils aged 11+. From 2007, preparations went underway for a complete re-build of the school on its existing campus which opened in 2008. [Read More]