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Gauruncus rossi. Gauruncus rossi is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in Bolivia and Pichincha Province, Ecuador. The wingspan is 17.5 mm. The ground colour of the forewings is reddish brown, mixed with cream in the distal third of the wing between the veins, which are suffused with brown. As the pavé at Erre approached (146 km) and the race leaders held a 5’45 advantage the ‘pushing’ for the head of the peloton began. [Read More]

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Clarice later kills Barnabas and the rest of his crew other than Lacy, after receiving permission from the Mother to do so. He appears in episodes, 6, 9, 10 and 11. Priyah Magnus, portrayed by Luciana Carro, is a public relations officer hired by Daniel Graystone. Today she is the director of the humanities department of the Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus, serving also as the academic leader of strategic projects in humanities since 2009 and the coordinator of the UNESCO group in ethics and human rights at the campus. [Read More]

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In Chile the song was certified Platinum for selling over 25,000 copies. The music video for La Gota Fría was shot in the Romelio Martínez Stadium in Barranquilla, and Pescaíto (a popular neighborhood of his native Santa Marta), the two locations are ubicated in Colombia. Cinépolis has opened theatres in the capitals of Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Bogotá, Colombia. So far, 11 theatres have been opened outside Mexico under the Cinépolis brand, with a planned expansion to Peru, with the opening of a fourteen-screen theatre in Lima, a theatre in Cali, Colombia and a third in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. [Read More]

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Bernardinai Garden. Bernardinai Garden (previously known as Sereikiškės Park) is a public park in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. It is located on the right bank of the Vilnia River between the Gediminas Tower and Bernardine Monastery and it covers over 9 hectares.. In 2012, Everett had 970 car thefts. The city also had 46 rapes, or 43.7 rapes per 100,000 people, twice the national average rate of 27 rapes per 100,000 people. [Read More]

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So Far (song) So Far is a show tune from the 1947 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Allegro. On July 28, 1947 (see 1947 in music), the song was recorded by Perry Como, and released by RCA Victor Records as a 78rpm single, catalog number 20-2402-A, with the flip side A Fellow Needs a Girl. Cadorago. Cadorago is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Como in the Italian region Lombardy, located about northwest of Milan and about southwest of Como. [Read More]

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These poll standings are taken from Esquire’s 1946 Jazz Book. On October 13, 1946 he performed in a concert presented by Green Recordings at the Civic Opera House as pianist for the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet, the Sidney Bechet Sextet and his own trio as well. Aaron Slight also came second in the Independent’s Cup in his first and only full BTCC season. 2003 saw Triple Eight lose the Egg sponsorship, and instead expanded to a 3 car Vauxhall-run team. [Read More]

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Her first strip, Flo, was published in, a Buenos Aires newspaper. Her work was compiled in a book called Y en este rincón, las mujeres. In 1993, Para Ti -a leading Argentine women’s magazine- approached her to do a weekly humor page. Its borders are, to the west, the municipalities of Tizimín and Chemax in the state of Yucatán, to the east the municipalities of Isla Mujeres and Benito Juárez, and to the south Solidaridad. [Read More]

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Baeonoma leucophaeella. Baeonoma leucophaeella is a moth in the Depressariidae family. It was described by Walker in 1864. It is found in Brazil (Para). Adults are silvery white and rather stout, with the underside of the forewings aeneous-black. Although intended for notebook computers, both parts found an enthusiast following also in desktop systems as some motherboard companies (such as Gigabyte and FIC) provided BIOS updates for their desktop motherboards to allow usage of these processors. [Read More]

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Therefore, the ownership and management of the Estadio Braden Copper passed to the state-owned coroporation Codelco Chile, which led to the name change to the current one. On May 21, 2008, the then-president Michelle Bachelet announced the Red de Estadios para el Bicentenario, a programme in which w new stadiums were built and upgrades planned for others, among which was the Estadio El Teniente. There are 16 colleges in the upazila. [Read More]

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It was met with generally positive critical reception; reviewers noted its similarities with the Grand Theft Auto series, with some feeling that Saints Row improved Grand Theft Auto s open world formula. Mayer continued to work in motor sport, firstly in CART racing, running the Texaco Star team under the Mayer Motor Racing banner, and then in 1986 returning to Formula One as manager of Haas Lola, a new team he co-founded with Carl Haas and running 1980 World Champion, Alan Jones alongside of former Ferrari and Renault driver Patrick Tambay. [Read More]

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Major streets include Avenida Rio Branco and Avenida Vargas, both constructed, in 1906 and 1942 respectively, by destroying large swaths of the colonial city. A number of colonial streets, such as Rua do Ouvidor and Uruguaiana, have long been pedestrian spaces, and the popular Saara shopping district has been pedestrianized more recently. Henrique da Veiga de Nápoles married Beatriz Henriques, a noblewoman from Aveiro, daughter of Diogo Henriques and Catarina Gomes de Quadros. [Read More]

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Neve Shalom can only exist if Jews suppress their Zionism in an act of self-abasement similar to that of the ‘trembling ghetto Jew’, while Arabs observe the deference gleefully. Montville’s evidence shows a case where a Jewish boy absorbed guilt in an act of ‘prodigious sympathy’ while his Palestinian counterpart exuded rage. Based on external appearance, C. micaceus is virtually indistinguishable from C. truncorum, and it has been suggested that many reported collections of the former may be of the latter. [Read More]

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At the end of the Ayotla, however, around 1000 BCE, there is another abrupt change in ceramics: figurines of costumed males give way to those of nude females, and Olmec-derived iconography evolves into a more native appearance, changes likely reflective of a change in religious ideas and practices. Forbes studied under famous tornado scientist Ted Fujita and his thesis was regarding the 1974 Super Outbreak where he and Fujita did aerial and ground investigations documenting tornado paths and furthering ideas of the tornado family and of multiple-vortex tornadoes. [Read More]

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The first, issued on 7 February, marked the capture of the Chinese entrenched camp of Dong Song: Les formidables camps retranchés de Ha-Hoa et de Dong-Song sont entre vos mains avec d’immenses approvisionnements d’armes, de munitions et de vivres que votre élan n’a pas permis à l’ennemi d’emporter. The walkway was opened on 3 October 1996 by the Hon Bruce Scott MP. In July 2010, the walkway was vandalised with spray paint and a blunt object, causing up to $40,000 of damage. [Read More]

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He was honored guest at the 60th Venice International Film Festival. El Hombre que detuvo el tiempo is a documentary about Andrés Henestrosa (a Mexican writer and politician) for cultural television Canal 22. This accorded with the natural meaning of IA 1986 para 99(5) and the list of payments in para 99(6), and accorded with the policy considerations surrounding rescue. In particular, many administrators would not decide that a rescue is possible if they know damages for failure to consult the workers who are retained and have their contracts adopted get super-priority for more than the work they do. [Read More]

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Villa Marina is now delivering its first unit’s delivery. More than six Fishing Tournaments take place at Marina Cap Cana. Alsol begins the operation of Fishing Lodge and Sotogrande. 2013 Eden Roc becomes the first Relais Châteaux in Dominican Republic. Since 2009, Carrefour GB stores in Belgium are rebranding to Carrefour Market, all GB stores will eventually be a Market store in Belgium in 2013⁄2014. In Wallonia and Brussels, the chain Champion will also be rebranded, as Carrefour Market-Groupe Mestdagh. [Read More]

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On January 6, 2010 Mascara Dorada, Stuka Jr. and Metro defeated Poder Mexica to become the new Mexican National Trios Champions. In March 2013 Misterioso Jr. was announced as participating in the 2013 En Busca de un Ídolo ( In search of an Idol ) tournament that would take place from May to July, 2013 as one of eight competitors. Michigan is a governing member of SBAC. Minnesota partially adopted the Standards. [Read More]

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Vukovi umiru sami. Vukovi umiru sami (Wolves die alone) was the Croatian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, performed in Croatian by Boris Novković (with members of Lado). As Croatia was not pre-qualified for the final, the song was performed twentieth in the semi-final, following Switzerland’s Vanilla Ninja with Cool Vibes and preceding Bulgaria’s Kaffe with Lorraine. Diego Torres joined afterwards to share lead vocals on Mi Buena Suerte. [Read More]

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He writes with the greatest frankness, and unsparingly, about the conduct of the war on the Mexican side. His autobiography Lo que se dice, y lo que se hace, 1833, published in 1833, is also valuable as a fragment of contemporary history. Que no saben explicar. Lo que le pasa. Cuando ausente de. Tus calles peligrosas. Si te aman. A ti, mi hermosa Loisaida. O what a town. Even with your drug-infested. [Read More]

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In 1999 the song sold 5 million copies worldwide. Bailamos was written by Paul Barry and Mark Taylor and produced by Barry and Brian Rawling, the same team which wrote and produced Cher’s hit Believe. The track first appeared on a limited edition of his Spanish studio album Cosas del Amor and was released as a single in parts of Latin America and Europe. She has been an artist in residence at the Art Vault Mildura, along with other artists such as Mike Parr, Rick Amor, Rona Green (artist) and Geoffrey Ricardo. [Read More]

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This accorded with the natural meaning of IA 1986 para 99(5) and the list of payments in para 99(6), and accorded with the policy considerations surrounding rescue. In particular, many administrators would not decide that a rescue is possible if they know damages for failure to consult the workers who are retained and have their contracts adopted get super-priority for more than the work they do. They are working on the project with El-Gamal, their co-developer. [Read More]

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That an attempt to load livestock at the town’s wharf was imminent was widely known by both the authorities and the protesters. Writing in The Guardian on 13 January, David McKie, the newspaper’s deputy editor, said: Next week may also be the first time you ask yourself: Where is Brightlingsea? The premiere episode on December 3, 2011 was hosted by actor Kim Joo-hyuk. Then-showrunner and head writer Jang Jin spoke about the difficulties in recruiting guests, saying When you’re offering a film, you give them a script, ask them how it is and if they say no, say that’s good and turn around, but to get people to appear in this show, I had to beg. [Read More]

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Gruters spent 5 years and 3 months as a prisoner of war before his release in 1973. Guy Gruters’ decorations include more than thirty combat awards, with two Silver Stars, two DFCs, two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star Medal for Valor, the POW Medal, a Presidential Unit Citation, 20 Air Medals and other medals. The recovered shows were Under Sentence of Death (episode 76), aired 21 January 1952, and The Lost World On Mars (episode 53), aired 19 March 1953. [Read More]