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The country has strict rules regarding the amount of foreign professionals any one company can employ. In a news article in 2011 Susi Pujiastuti stated that out of her 179 pilots, 175 were from overseas. In Miami after the hurricane, the city manager claimed of city streets were flooded out, while in Miami Springs half the homes were flooded. On Lake Okeechobee, concerns about disastrous flooding were heightened by memories of the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane on the south shore and of the 1926 Miami hurricane at Moore Haven. [Read More]

Program To Lock A File In Unix Run

Motif is the basic building block of the Common Desktop Environment, which was the standard desktop for commercial Unix. The IEEE 1295 standard (now withdrawn) defines the Motif API. As of version 2.1, Motif supports Unicode, which made it widely used in several multilingual environments. In the Sixth Edition source code of the Unix program loader, the exec() function read the executable (binary) image from the file system. The first 8 bytes of the file was a header containing the sizes of the program (text) and initialized (global) data areas. [Read More]