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IATA reads and writes csv, Excel and SPSS file formats, and produces exportable graphics for all statistical analyses. Each analysis also includes heuristics suggesting appropriate interpretations of the numerical results. Also, if the data in the accounting system changed the spreadsheet could be updated simply by pressing the ‘F9’ function key (in both 1-2-3 and Excel). F9 software consists of three modules. The first is the user interface which is an addin installed into the spreadsheet. [Read More]

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Most of the buildings were subsequently destroyed. However, some buildings remain including the heritage-listed St Mark’s Anglican Church and Dunwich Public Hall. The asylum occupied most of the current Dunwich township. When every other attempt fails, Stewie invents a machine to send Brian into his subconscious to defeat the monster. Brian finds the idea insane, but agrees to it nonetheless. When Brian enters the dream, he encounters Glenn Close giving her his opinion of her performance of Cruella de Vil in the live-action version of 101 Dalmatians. [Read More]

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After she caught the eye of World Wrestling Entertainment, they signed her to a development contract in April 2002, and she began wrestling WWE house shows against Dawn Marie. She was sent to WWE developmental territory Heartland Wrestling Association, but was released from her contract after the HWA was dropped as a developmental territory in July 2002. Then, in the 1960s the office was seen as a communications system, with the floorplan opening up to facilitate the free flow of information. [Read More]