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Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1) Window of Opportunity is the sixth episode from season 4 of the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, and first aired on the American subscription channel Showtime on August 4, 2000. Idiap Research Institute. The Idiap Research Institute is a semi-private non-profit research institute at Martigny in the canton of Valais, in south-western Switzerland. It conducts research in the areas of speech processing, computer vision, information retrieval, biometric authentication, multimodal interaction and machine learning. [Read More]

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Canzoneri, Barney Ross and Henry Armstrong were the only boxing champions in history allowed to hold two or more world titles simultaneously. (Sugar Ray Leonard became both the vacant World Super Middleweight and the World Light Heavyweight Champion in one night in 1988, but he could keep only one and chose to keep the Super Middleweight title.) Winthrop lived only one winter on the island. He was named governor of the Connecticut Colony 1657-1658 and 1659-1676, and he used the island to raise sheep for food and wool. [Read More]

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On April 29, 1933 Everth was dismissed for supposedly un-german attitude. An explanatory statement that must have been especially devastating for the germanophile Everth. But he was the only one of the whole academic guild that had the courage to criticize the emergency regulations and the press policy of the Nazis. They founded Vitthal Kanya Vidyalaya in Nadiad in 1935 and later Vallabh Kanya Vidyalaya at Rajkot in 1946, both of them residential schools for girls. [Read More]

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It was written on Wednesday 22 January 1986 - the same day Me and the Farmer was penned. The band’s first big hit, it stayed on the singles chart for 13 weeks, peaking in the week of 28 June 1986. The song also enjoyed exposure on United States college radio. To first smoothing the function, and then taking the difference. The registration algorithm for 1-D and 2-D can be generalized to more dimensions. [Read More]