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The storyline centers on Taven and Daegon, two brothers who were put in suspended animation because their mother Delia (a sorceress) and their father Argus (the Edenian protector god) foresaw a cataclysmic event brought about by the Mortal Kombat fighters. Addictive continued to play live infrequently, but finally broke up in 1996. A short time later, Moore joined Dungeon. In 2004, guitarists Buttigieg and Sultana joined the reformed line up of fellow Sydney thrash band, Mortal Sin, although Buttigieg left that group early in the following year. [Read More]

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Wainchemahdub. Wenji-maadab (recorded in English as Wain-che-mah-dub, Wen-ge-mah-dub or Wendjimadub, meaning Where He Moves From Sitting )(born March 10, 1840, died February 14, 1920 or 1921), was a Chief of the Ojibwe tribe at White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. Stroke risk assessment should always include an assessment of bleeding risk. This can be done using validated bleeding risk scores, such as the HEMORRHAGES or HAS-BLED scores. If the patient is taking warfarin, then knowledge of INR control is needed to assess the ‘labile INR’ criterion in HAS-BLED; otherwise for a non-warfarin patient, this criterion scores zero. [Read More]

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Daniela Simmons. Daniela Simmons (sometimes written Daniela Simons) is a singer who represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 in Bergen with the song Pas pour moi. The song finished second behind Belgium’s entry. Fægri got his Examen artium at the Bergen katedralskole in 1926 and took the dr.philos. degree in 1934 with the thesis Über die Längenvariationen einiger Gletscher des Jostedalsbre und die dadurch bedingten Pflanzensukzessionen. [Read More]