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Additionally, the international responsibilities engendered by the American victory in World War I and the Treaty of Versailles proved deeply unpopular, causing a reaction against Wilson, who had pushed especially hard for the latter. The film, which brings to the screen French actors Roxane Duran and Denis Lavant, was inspired by the character of the god Pan in the book Jitterbug Perfume, by Tom Robbins. Wells has been described as having the type of voice that you assume could only come from spending your school years continually being beaten up behind the bike racks. [Read More]

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Likewise, the Jewish children had to go there for school. In 1843 there were 32 Jews living in Stipshausen. This number, though, was steadily shrinking. After the Jewish community in Hottenbach was dissolved in 1932, the 14 Jews left in Stipshausen went to synagogue in Rhaunen. Epps has been attempting to murder Seaver’s fiancee, Roxy, but the swings of his hook prove to be as wild as his mental state, and he fails. [Read More]