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A Second Empire style mansard roof was added in 1891. The front facade features a central, one-story, one-bay porch with a balustraded deck above and balustraded decks with the same scroll-sawn balusters across the front. His godfather and first babysitter was children’s book illustrator Garth Williams, a friend of his father. Sebastian grew up surrounded by music and musicians, including Burl Ives and Woody Guthrie, and hearing such players as Lead Belly and Mississippi John Hurt in his own neighborhood. [Read More]

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The deciduous leaves are oval, leathery, and glandular. The inflorescence is a raceme of bell-shaped flowers. The fruit is a berry. The plant reproduces by seed and by sprouting from the rhizome. It sprouts readily after episodes of wildfire. Sergey Solomko. Sergey Sergeyevich Solomko (Russian: Сергей Сергеевич Соломко; (22 August 1867, Saint Petersburg — 2 February 1928, Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois) was a Russian painter, watercolorist, illustrator and designer. England’s principal radical illustrator, he had a strong association with Freedom Press from 1969 up to 2005 as well as many other anarchist groups, publications and individuals. [Read More]