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The video game composer and demoscener Andrew Sega used Impulse Tracker extensively in his demoscene days. Trance producer Sean Tyas began his music production career using Impulse Tracker. Electronic rock musician Blue Stahli has revealed to have used Impulse Tracker and other trackers in the past. His ability to get the best out of players, which saw him specialize in talent identification and player development serving as a talent recognition selector in 2001 for former USA Head Coach Tom Billups, saw Tolkin promoted to Head Coach in 2012, taking over from Irish man Eddie O’Sullivan. [Read More]

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Lowball stakes Towne and his partners the $10,000 buy-in for the WCOP tournament, so that they can keep Everest preoccupied while he and Nickel put the heat on his henchmen. Meanwhile, one of Towne’s partners, Clark Marcellin (Todd Williams), brings Everest’s cheating racket and attendant murders to the attention of an undercover FBI agent. After leaving the University of Alberta and being wounded in action while serving as a Wellington bomber pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II, and before serving as a league official, Butterfield worked for his uncle Eddie Shore’s New Haven Eagles and Springfield Indians teams as a public relations executive and trainer. [Read More]