How To Attract A Girl Who Doesn Like You

The show debuted on September 13, 1999 and was heard weekdays from 1 pm ET to 4 pm ET. It was often viewed as the signature program on ESPN Radio at the time, primarily because of Patrick’s high profile at ESPN/ABC and his ability to attract well-known and popular guests. Joe doesn’t trust his boss, Klein (Ben Gazzara), who keeps reiterating that Joe has nothing to worry about, which in malicious Mamet-speak, means that Joe has a lot to worry about. [Read More]

It'S Alright It'S Okay Doesn'T Really Matter If You'Re Old And Gray

Patrick described Dahlia’s sound as a bit dated and the release a tad obligatory after the delay, further explaining that though the album aims high, it runs out of steam landing in the realm of just okay. We all need to do better. The sixteenth track Well Traveled is an arena rock, described as a Bon Jovi power ballad song. The closing track, Gon’ B Alright, is twisted psychedelic rock, and was compared to Sly & The Family Stone sound. [Read More]