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Eventually, many Eagle-branded automobiles were duplicated at Dodge and Chrysler-Plymouth dealerships. Chrysler made a good-faith effort to give the Eagle brand an identity by offering an all wheel drive (AWD) Eagle Talon, basically a badge engineered Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD, however sales were hindered by marketing missteps. Hawes Radio Tower was a mast radiator insulated against ground, which provided VLF communication to ground and mobile nuclear missile facilities during the Cold War. [Read More]

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Zardari’s legacy is extremely divisive figure, often accused of corruption and cronyism. The Zardari-led PPP continues to form the provincial government in Sindh. Zardari was born on 26 July 1955 in Karachi, Sindh in the Zardari family. Iceland’s GDP per capita is among the highest in Europe as is shown in the following tables: The Icelandic language would also be one of the smallest official languages of the EU in terms of native speakers (together with Irish and Maltese). [Read More]

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This obsession played a role in the recent failure of his marriage. Twenty years earlier – on the night of June 21, 1955 – Miles made a vow with his cousin Alison that they would meet again at the family farm in Arden, Wisconsin on the same night in 1975. Peter urged Uc to keep his vow to enter a monastery instead of merely taking a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. [Read More]

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The country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces and 1,541 communes (counties). Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been President since 1999. Berbers are generally considered to be the indigenous inhabitants of Algeria. Yasir Suleiman wrote in 2011 that studying and knowing English or French in most of the Middle East and North Africa have become a badge of sophistication and modernity and . feigning, or asserting, weakness or lack of facility in Arabic is sometimes paraded as a sign of status, class, and perversely, even education through a mélange of code-switching practises. [Read More]

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It also has an importance for the history of Finland, being the first professional secular theatre troupe in this country. It was a traveling troupe in 1756–80 and then housed in several buildings. The Stenborg troupe is most known for its activity in Stockholm, where it preserved a Swedish-speaking theater during a period when the French culture otherwise dominated the Swedish stage. Generally, the effect of the terminations is to cause a rounding of the frequency response at cut-off. [Read More]