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This is a witty and novel piece. Knight’s musical output at OCU is prolific. A 2009 release notes five premieres of commissioned works in six months, spread over four states. He toured China with the Oklahoma City University Symphony Orchestra as it performed a program of American music including his work and compositions from his students. Other exhibits include functional replicas of the Wright Flyer and its predecessor, Octave Chanute’s hang glider, French and German World War I fighters, Lindbergh’s Ryan NYP Spirit of St. [Read More]

I 40 Vs I-70 Drive-In Theater Kansas City Mo

The concurrency of US 69, US 400, and US 160 continues north. There was also a Business U.S. 69 in Fort Scott, Kansas (about 25 minutes north of the Frontenac, Kansas area), from about 1965 to 1990. Signs from the former Business Route still exist today; however, it no longer officially exists. A new one opened in 2009. Heron Parc, a shopping center located besides Centre commercial V2, hosts numerous stores of Groupe Auchan and a 12 auditoriums movie theater. [Read More]