Cast Iron Pans Cleaning Rust Off Of Chrome

This is Mötley Crüe’s first single with Randy Castillo on drums. This is the first animated Mötley Crüe video. It starts off with the words Mötley Crüe’s history of mankind in the sky, it then pans down to a scene which features Nikki Sixx holding a sign that says 20,000 B.C. and a caveman eating a fish, then throws the fish at a cavewoman, causing the two to have sex. [Read More]

Chrome Billet Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit

It was used as the Guest House for the Emperor and the Imperial Family to watch horsemanship and a graduation ceremony, and a billet of the Imperial Family who joined the army. After the war, it was requisitioned by the Occupation Forces (the 1st trooper army division of the United States Army), and was used also as a commander’s billet. This film has since been made available to the public and is downloadable from Rockstar’s website. [Read More]