Ghost Of A Chance Irish Band From Boston

Though Norma Cenva saw great revelations in the intricacies of the cosmos, sometimes she could not distinguish night from day, or one place from another. Perhaps she did not need to identify such things, because she was capable of journeying across an entire universe in her mind. In January 2000, career retrospective CD Temporal was released by Projekt, including new remixes of songs from Flux and promotional materials that seemed to indicate the band was still active. [Read More]

Name A Band That Starts With The Letter M

He’s the leader of the left-wing party Rood-Groen (Red-Green), but the party hasn’t been polling well lately. His daughter Zoë (Elders) starts dating military police officer Sjef (De Mol). Sjef’s father Nico (Kas) is an authentic Amsterdam car salesman who hates politicians. In 2013, the second single My Promise was released. Band members say that this album is a return to the old Earth, Wind & Fire sound and formula while mixing in some new innovations as well. [Read More]

Us National Figure Skating Championships 2016 Skaters Band

In 2006 the World Championships were held in Joensuu in Finland. Tervala won a silver medal in the middle distance, and gold medals in the long distance and in the relay (with Jussi Mäkilä and Tuomo Tompuri). Halo Star. Halo Star is the ninth studio album by the Darkwave band Black Tape for a Blue Girl. It was released in 2004 by Projekt Records. It includes one of the band’s most popular songs, Knock Three Times, which later appeared on the popular 2005 Projekt Presents: A Dark Cabaret compilation, remixed as Knock Three Times (skinny kinda mix). [Read More]