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In 2007, Makay: le dernier Eden, a 26 minutes documentary following the first exploration of the Makay massif in Madagascar, won the best biodiversity film award in Marseille. In 2008, he followed with two video clips for Nike ACG and two short documentary films about two expeditions in Alaska. It is also possible to make use of higher-impulse fuels precluded from surface launches due to their toxicity, such as those containing beryllium or fluorine. [Read More]

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A demo tape in 1999 and an EP in 2000 anticipated some of the tracks later included in their first album. In 2001 the band released their debut album Epicentro, with 13 tracks including Universo Kelper, Cien Mil Espinas, Dagobah Disco, Babel, and the promotional single Ciudad Satélite, Richter´s first music video, directed by Ezequiel Berra. Guitarist Pino Rucher is included in The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord, a relevant work of music history, also published in CD-ROM and enjoyable on line. [Read More]