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Because it was released in late 2005, it was counted as a 2005 album; often album sales for albums released late in the year are counted for next year’s charts. Asterisk, however, was counted in both 2005 and 2006. This was a mashup of two references from the sitcom The Honeymooners: one character was named Edward Ed Lillywhite Norton, and another character, Ralph Kramden, would say to his wife, Alice, Baby, you’re the greatest. [Read More]

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Dieter Claessens. Dieter Claessens (2 August 1921 in Berlin – 30 March 1997 in Berlin) was a German sociologist and anthropologist. Returning as POW from the Soviet Union Dieter Claessens studied sociology, anthropology, and psychology in Berlin, where he got his doctorate ( Dr. phil. ) from the Freie Universität in 1957. Swiss aircraft also intercepted U.S. aircraft who were off-course, or whose crews preferred asylum in Swiss internment camps over German or Italian POW camps; they were then forced to land on Swiss airstrips. [Read More]

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The protagonist was first seen in the eponymous Super Famicom release of 1994 and later the sequel and re-release of Umihara Kawase Shun for the PlayStation in 1997 and 2000. The game was an independent collaboration between developer Kiyoshi Sakai, illustrator Toshinobu Kondo, and several others. In 1884 Merezhkovsky (along with Nadson) joined the Saint Petersburg’s Literary Society, on Aleksey Pleshcheyev’s recommendation. The latter introduced the young poet to the family of Karl Davydov, head of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. [Read More]