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In Community Unions in Canada and Labor’s (Re)Organization of Space, Tufts also explains how a labour leader of the UAW, Walter Reuther, envisioned a new form of unionism. Reuther believed that the labour movement should be more of a social movement opposed to an economic movement. It is by being filled with the Spirit that we shall be kept. For these and other reasons, dispensational scholars consider MacPherson’s alleged connection to dispensationalism as untenable. [Read More]

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The title of the game is a play on Metal Gear Solid, the popular video game series by Konami. Originally the lead character of the game was to be a Blob called Solid. The game is written in C+ and uses SDL for its input, graphics and audio control. 20th Fighter Wing. The 20th Fighter Wing (20 FW) is a wing of the United States Air Force and the host unit at Shaw Air Force Base South Carolina. [Read More]

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One of the Sunday Times journalists involved in the story, Brian MacArthur, later explained why so many experienced journalists and businessmen were so gullible about the authenticity of the diaries: . the discovery of the Hitler diaries offered so tempting a scoop that we all wanted to believe they were genuine. You’d have known none of this, had you remained M.E.Saltykov, a mere hereditary Russian aristocrat. But you are Saltykov-Schedrin, a writer who happened to draw a distinctive line in our literature: that’s why you are either hated or loved, depending [on who reads you]. [Read More]