Yo No Te Pido La Luna Merengue 2016

To prepare readers for the second trilogy, Sanderson wrote a transitional sequel,, which then turned into the first installment in the four-book Wax and Wayne series set 300 years later. The Wax and Wayne book titles are: The Alloy of Law, released on November 8, 2011,, released on October 6, 2015,, published on January 26, 2016, and The Lost Metal (working title), currently in production.

In Britain, a large wooden wheel, measuring about in diameter, was uncovered at the Must Farm site in East Anglia in 2016. The specimen, dating from 1,100–800 years BCE, represents the most complete and earliest of its type found in Britain.

Scene 2: Garden in the palace of the princess. Leonora confesses her love for the Troubadour to her confidante, Ines ( Tacea la notte placida / The peaceful night lay silent. When they have gone, Count di Luna enters, intending to pay court to Leonora himself, but hears the voice of his rival, in the distance: ( Deserto sulla terra / Alone upon this earth ).

After landing, the Lunokhod 2 took TV images of the surrounding area, then rolled down a ramp to the surface at 01:14 UT on January 16 and took pictures of the Luna 21 lander and landing site, driving for 30 metres.