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Following the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, massive protests broke out among students, staff and faculty at JNU. Thousands of individuals attended the demonstrations. On 14 February 2016, students of the university issued a shutdown call, and stated that they would not allow further classes to take place until Kumar was released.

Harold later makes a phone call to Carolyn and tells her he will send on her things. Harold asks Toadie to help him change his will and after Toadie calls Carolyn, he learns that she and Harold have split up.

At the Battle of Marston Moor Lucas swept Fairfax’s Yorkshire horse before him, but later in the day he was taken prisoner, in a battle won decisively by Parliament. Exchanged for Parliamentary prisoners during the winter, he defended Berkeley Castle, in Gloucestershire, for a short time against Thomas Rainsborough, but was soon back in the field.

Three faculty members including Sylvian Ray and Abe Taub drove to Maryland to help assemble the machine, which was reconstructed and passed its validation tests in just a week. It was expected that assembly and testing would take over a month.

Inevitably, Wilberforce also became a frequent visitor to Stoke Newington, combining meetings with William Allen and his Quaker circle with visits to his sister Sarah and brother-in-law James. James Stephen came to be regarded as the chief architect of the Slave Trade Act 1807, providing William Wilberforce with the legal mastermind he needed for its drafting.

The three Confederate brigadier generals quickly threw up a new defensive line with light field works at a right angle to White Oak Road in the woods at the west end of Sydnor’s field in order to protect Ford’s Road.

Her efforts at making interracial revival a reality at Angelus Temple continued. She welcomed blacks into the congregation and pulpit. While race riots burned Detroit in 1943, McPherson publicly converted the notorious black former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson on the Temple stage and embraced him as he raised his hand in worship.

There are two rugby union clubs Southend RFC and Westcliff R.F.C., with Southend having the higher ranking team playing in National League 2 South. Southend was formerly home to the Essex Eels rugby league team.