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According to Timaeus, one of Plato’s dialogues, Sardinia and its people as well might have been named after Sardò ( Σαρδώ ), a legendary woman born in Sardis ( Σάρδεις ), capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia.

The impressive speed that magicians could throw the cards gave rise to a myth that a card could kill or seriously injure someone if thrown correctly by a person with enough force. The book Cards as Weapons by Ricky Jay is believed to have propagated this myth even though it was originally intended to combine instruction with satire.

In 978, with Song’s determination to unify Chinese lands in full order, Chen decided that he could not stay de facto independent, and offered the control of the circuit to Song’s Emperor Taizong, ending Qingyuan Circuit as a de facto independent entity.

Lwin co-wrote and co-produced a solo song with record producer Carey Beare, which was donated exclusively to the Hands and Hearts Organization for Tsunami Relief in spring 2006. She continues to sing and perform Bow Wow Wow and new songs as well as participating in animal charity related concerts.

Ron Honthaner The House on Skull Mountain. Jack Jones The Comeback. Donald G. Jackson Demon Lover Diary. Bruce Kessler Simon, King of the Witches. John Phillip Law Death In November, Ring Of Darkness, The Spiral Staircase, The Crystal Man, Whisper In The Dark.

For training purposes the blank cartridges 7H3, 7H3M and 7Kh3 were developed. These rounds have a hollow white plastic imitation projectile. When these training rounds are used, the barrel of the gun is fitted at the muzzle with a Blank Fire Adapter to produce a gas pressure build-up for cycling the gun, as well as a breakup aid for their plastic projectiles.

At the time of partition of India in 1947, Peerzadas still resided primarily in the city of Amritsar, the bastion of Sikhism in the province of Punjab, with their eventual migration to the Pakistani portion of Punjab leading to their eventual spreading out over the province, albeit with a concentration of individuals in the city of Lahore.

In the simplest form, the parallel optic link is a replacement for many serial data communication links. In the more typical application, one byte of information is split up into bits and each bit is coded and sent across the individual fibers.

Whatcheeria. Whatcheeria is an extinct genus of early tetrapod from the Early Carboniferous of Iowa. Fossils have been found in 340 million year old fissure fill deposits in the town of Delta. The type species W. deltae was named in 1995.