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The majority of Isshō’s wokrs that survive come from the Kyōhō era (1716–1736). He was a pupil of Miyagawa Chōshun (1682–1752), who, in turn, was influenced by the works of Hishikawa Moronobu. Like many ukiyo-e artists, Isshō also produced a number of shunga, paintings of erotic scenes.

Pastrano was reported to be boxing in Puerto Rico in 1972, but a fighter was using a name similar to the former champion, Willie Pastrana. Pastrano never made a comeback. In 1980, Pastrano was the manager for pro-boxer, Chubby Johnson in New Orleans.

Spear was also a member and co-founder of Bill Posters Will Be Band. As of 2009 Spear, has been performing regularly with ‘Three Bonzos and a Piano’ which is made up of former Bonzos Rod Slater and Sam Spoons, together with Dave Glasson (on piano); they are also often supported on guitar by Andy Roberts (formerly of The Liverpool Scene and The Scaffold).

He is a great lover of photography and updates the site Keane with photoblogs with photographs of the band on tour. He is a fan of the Irish U2, and other bands and groups like The Smiths, The Beatles and Björk.

Hyder, after initially trying to ally with the British against the Marathas, had later become their firm enemy, as they represented the most effective obstacle to his expansion of his kingdom, and Tipu grew up with violently anti-British feelings.

Later that year, he also had another top 10 song with Let’s Keep It That Way. In November, Rock’n’Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life) was played by KHJ in Los Angeles as its last song before it switched from Top 40 to Country music.