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His replacement John Harvey, loaned from Hearts for the occasion, helped the Fifers to a 4–2 victory, making them the first club from the Second Division to win the trophy. Herd retired in 1939 and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia later that year.

Michael Macklin. Michael John Macklin (born 25 February 1943 in London) is an English-born former Australian Franciscan friar, educator and fundraiser who was an Australian Democrats senator for Queensland (1981–1990).

In October 2015, Carlos Betancourt: Imperfect Utopia was published by Skira/Rizzoli. Imperfect Utopia explores Betancourt’s body of work with more than 250 images and text by critic Paul Laster, art history professor Robert Farris Thompson and United States inaugural poet, Richard Blanco.

The legendary Jim Gordon who played as a top session drummer during the late 1960s and early 1970s period (with John Lennon, George Harrison, Steve Winwood’s Traffic, Eric Clapton’s Derek & the Dominos, Carly Simon, Frank Zappa, Jackson Browne and a large number of high level musicians and projects) used to play a Walnut Stain finish Camco drum kit, as did Mike Botts (Bread).

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John Bahler. John Bahler (born November 11, 1940; surname also spelled Bähler) is an American vocalist, arranger, conductor, composer and producer. He is the elder brother of singer Tom Bahler, and the husband of Janet Lennon of the Lennon Sisters.

For the 2012 season Ono switched to the Asia Dream Cup, a one-make series in which every rider rides a Honda CBR250R provided by Honda. Ono’s crash on the main stretch right before the chequered flag in Round 2 Indonesia resulted in a broken neck but healed in time for the following round in which he finished 1st and 2nd.

I was being coerced into making it easy for John [Lennon] and Yoko to accuse me of doing something that would make them not look so bad. Since it was very obvious that I didn’t, a minor schism developed.

According to Shiba, multiple elements of the story and world were created to be dark, sad and serious in tone, in contrast to the likes of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. One of the core narrative threads, involving romantic feelings between siblings, was inspired in Yoko’s mind by the anime series Sister Princess.

It was also released as a cassette single in the UK. Released as the final single from the album, Watching the Wheels, backed with Ono’s Yes, I’m Your Angel, peaked at number 10 and 30 in the US and UK charts respectively.