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The meaning of a Beethoven symphony, he wrote, heard while the listener is walking around or lying in bed is very likely to differ from its effect in a concert-hall where people sit as if they were in church.

However, there were indications that it had already begun to weaken. Outflow towards the north was becoming restricted and arc clouds began emanating from the storm, a sign that dry air was entering the system.

His botanist father had died in 1942 while walking in Parsonsfield, Maine. His mother, Janet (Shumway) Leavitt, died of pneumonia in 1902 when Leavitt was seven. People don’t ask for facts in making up their minds.

Stump’s appearance at the 2009 Westminster Dog Show was a last-minute decision; Sommer waited until February 4, 2009, before deciding to show Stump there, less than one week before the show began. Sommer did little more to prepare him than walking him around his Houston driveway.

Cycling Advocates’ Network supports the proposal as encouraging cycling in New Zealand, while walking advocates also see benefits to be gained from such a route. Tourism New Zealand noted that the project could also provide a much-needed boost to the viability and funding of many cities’ languishing cycling strategies and plans.

Results suggest that the isolate from Kerala is, in fact, a recently introduced species from Austria. The research confirmed the likelihood that the introduction happened through clouds over the ocean, a phenomenon of intercontinental species dispersal previously reported for bacteria and fungi but not for an alga.

It also showed that star formation in the Magellanic Clouds had occurred more recently than in the Milky Way. The results overturned the prevailing view that our galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds had evolved in parallel.

Inspired by the legendary five colorful clouds that delivered the immortals on rams to save the city from famine, the design’s overall effect is both soothing and ephemeral. The building’s exterior is iconic and instantly recognizable as Guangzhou’s unique and beautiful home for sport and entertainment.