99 Point 9 Fahrenheit Is How Many Celsius

Where formula_5 is measured in BTU°Fhrft , formula_6 is measured in °F and formula_7 is degrees API gravity. The specific heat of petroleum oils can be modeled as follows: Where formula_9 is measured in BTU/lbm-°F, formula_6 is the temperature in Fahrenheit and formula_3 is the specific gravity at.

In the winter, due to the north-east wind blowing from the Chinese mainland, the temperature may go down below 18 degrees Celsius, and there may be slight rain. The highest precipitation gets highest level in August (118.4 mm), compared to just 38.9 mm in January.

The climate is warm humid or cooler with the mean maximum temperature in the summer months of 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. And in winter the mean minimum is around 1 to 6 degrees. Five to forty frosts may occur per year.

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Many more studies of its genetics are now underway. There are some limitations to using the species as a model, in part because dinoflagellates are so diverse. O. marina itself is very diverse, with many varied strains, and their biology is influenced by the environment, so it can be hard to find a representative specimen to use as a model.

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