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From then on, advertising sometimes depicted Strongheart wearing Indian regalia and sometimes dressed in normal attire as shown in a scene from the movie. In 1926 Strongheart again went on tour, giving one show in California in February, followed by a break until July, when he appeared in Missouri.

Average Sex Ratio of Kummera village is 985 which is lower than Andhra Pradesh state average of 993. Child Sex Ratio for the Kummera as per census is 1070, higher than Andhra Pradesh average of 939. Kummera village has lower literacy rate compared to Andhra Pradesh.

He was the author of several natural history books, especially on the Mollusca. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society (elected 1812) and a Fellow of the Linnean Society. He died in Ruislip, Middlesex.

Van Gogh experimented with the use of contrasting colors to intensify the impact of his paintings. In this case he paired the green of the bottles against a reddish-brown earthenware pot. The painting is set against a dark background with the effect of making the inside of the bowl made in muted colors appear white.

Pappachan (Vijayaraghavan) who plays the local moneybag, is hell bent on bringing Maharaja Talkies down. He does it by hiring a cabaret dancer, and the people in no time desert the cinema hall and flock around the voluptuous performer.

Three American infantrymen—Carter (Arthur Franz), Ferguson (James Griffith) and Small (George Cooper)—are returning from patrol in a bombed-out town when they are pinned down by an enemy machine gun. A runner from company headquarters delivers a package for a squad member and tells the men that the regiment is moving out of the line that night.